Seeking opinions on a music video

As in, it always pays to be top man on the scrotum pole.[/quote]

Either way, you’re still getting some scrote.[/quote]

ummmmmm. :)


a ha hah ahhahaha hahahahaha

While the video link alone makes him a contender, his setup clinches it :)

While the video link alone makes him a contender, his setup clinches it :)[/quote]

Yeah, agreed. The setup is utterly brilliant, and makes the thread.

You only say that, Bill, because you think I’m white.

You’re not white?! Get out of here Darkie!

[size=1]Do I have to include the smiley?[/size]

How great is that? I finally had a chance to check the video out.

Whoa…but it’s not as good as my video.

Can somebody explain the joke to me? I watched about 20 seconds of this video and it looks to me like a crappy video from like 1972. Is this a real band? WTF?



It’s presumably a real band of the extra fruity flavor. The video alone would have been funny, but JMJ kicked it up a notch or two by setting it up as HIS band and claiming that he was the super fruity guy on keyboards and the one who created the super duper fruity choreography.

You see, the joke is of the variety that relies on juxtaposition of the mundane (“Hey, my garage band recently made a tape”) with the absurd (that cheesy, 70s video"). It works especially well because the reveal takes a few seconds --longer if you really bought JMJ’s setup-- and your initial belief compounds the absurdity.


So, hope that sucked all the life out of the humor for ya. ;)

Oh. THIS joke.

If so, you clearly didn’t watch far enough.

Edit: And I clearly did not read far enough, or I would have seen this had been addressed. I am in the “muskily heterosexual” camp as well.