Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

So whatever From Software’s next game is going to be was teased during the Video Game Awards:

Likely suspects are Bloodborne II or a new Shadow Tower.

Personally, I’d like a new Shadow Tower. A revamped first-person action dungeon crawler with PS4-level quality would be something different from another Soulsborne and a return to earlier hits for From. Best of all, just stick VR on that badboy and everyone will lap it up.

So why not a new IP altogether?

Ah, could be, could be. But the “twice” makes it sound like a sequel or remake.

I’m not a fan of the FPS games in From’s repertoire. They all play so clunkily. But it would definitely be interesting.

Based on that videoclip, I’m convinced we’re getting a dark-fantasy reboot of Chromehounds where everything is made out of bones and guts. Bonehounds.

So yeah, the next Soulsborne is going to be Nioh with a grappling hook.

The trailer looks really cool. Very excited as a fan of From, Nioh and robot arms. Who could have predicted this year would be the year of the prosthetic arm between Battlefield V, Devil May Cry 5 and this? I guess all the devs out there just loved that plot line from season 4 of Arrested Development.

Looked really cool. I loved Nioh and this kind of reminds me of it, and bloodborne which i also liked.

Nioh with a grappling hook works for me, since I’m on Xbox and haven’t been able to play Nioh yet.

My current favorite prosthetic arm game series:

I’m down with this.

The year of the robot arm is at least a more technological view of the apocalypse than the year of the bow!

The rock on the left is in the exact same place as it is in Nioh. Haha!

Is that Hayabusa?! shudder :)

Hah, the trailer even has the classic Soulsborne killshot sound in it.

When this trailer started, I thought this game was a new Onimusha, but from FROM software.

Now that would have been cool.

Probably some disappointments here for some. I don’t really mind.

Yeah lots of crazy new details here.

I thought this was the next game from uh… From.

March 22nd. Get ready for yet another busy spring.

IGN has some really slick gameplay footage from Gamescom: