Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)


I’m leaning in that direction myself. I have plenty of other titles to play right now so I might get a refund and come back to this when it’s less expensive.



Great work Tim James, in one diagram you managed to cost me sixty bucks, and I have to drive to D.C. tomorrow. Thanks a lot!



Yup, this is very much a From Software game. I really like the combat, by the way. And the “parry” is far more friendly in this than in Dark Souls - first, because you must press the button when the enemy attack is about to hit (and not when the attack begins as in Dark Souls), and second because the parry window is more generous. Considering that parry isn’t really optional in Sekiro, those are two very welcome changes.

Anyway, loving it so far.



This is like at work when I slap something together in 15 seconds and later it goes straight into a multi-million dollar business proposal. Umm, I hope I did that right…




Yeah the parry is super generous because if you fail early you just get a block, which is a little posture damage. All the swings are slow enough that it’s hard to miss late. Blocking is OP except for enemies that max out your posture meter in a single hit.



Fighting multiple dudes is a nightmare, which is kind of neat. So of course they have a part where you fight 10 dudes one of whom is a boss and you can maybe kill 2 of them with stealth.

It’s kind of aggravating.



Ahahaha, I like it. I feel the geometry is only going to get more complex as you play.



These graphs are going to get very interesting.



I’m not sure this system works for me.

I can’t learn the details of any fight because everything is one or two shotting me. Sometimes from across the room while I’m dodging the “unblockable” attack. Attacking seems nearly pointless on bosses since you do no damage and they have a trillion health, so you try to counter however you’re supposed to and pray they attack more so you can stagger them and do “real” damage.

It’s really wonky feeling to get to a boss and then… stand there because attacking just leaves me open to them one-shotting me with some attack while I mildly annoy them. Or hitting me for 50-75% of my health, which is basically the same thing since I can’t really heal anyway.




For bosses you sometimes have to re-think it. This doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a trick in your inventory somewhere. It may be as simple as using step dodge or blocking rather than vice versa.

So far, whittling down the health has been the most effective strategy for me. I don’t try to go for parries until they have low HP.

If anyone is frustrated by a boss feel free to post a question!



More DMC5 streams please.



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I went online to check what people were doing to see if I missed anything and every person who defeated the boss had twice my heal flask things and had upgraded their health, so I just left to go down a different path.

So far so good. Now I’m sitting with both paths basically being bosses, but I’ve gained some health and have 3 heals at least.

As far as rethinking the one I was stuck on, maybe but it’s hard to think at all when you get 2 shotted. With my new health I think I can probably take 3 hits or at least the 1 shot probably wont kill me instantly, though it’s still possible.

Also everyone seemed to agree it was a stupid hard boss early in the game, so, I’ll get to it at some point.



ok, now I am really curious. How does Sekiro compare to DMC5??
btw. are there different difficulty settings? With souls you could make the game easier with summoning, but here no MP.



This game came out of nowhere for me. I’ve played all of the soulsbourne games but for whatever reason hadn’t heard of this until ads for it started popping up everywhere yesterday. So, boughten, despite my enormous backlog (still around 2/3 of the way through RDR2 bought on release day and just hit HR on MHW).

I’m finding it pretty difficult. Only had about an hour to play this morning before my wife woke up but I got stuck on the first miniboss in the starting area about a half dozen times. I need to slow down and learn to time my button presses are this is going to be a tedious affair.



Are you talking about the drunk? I cheesed that one by pulling only a couple of the enemies with a shuriken. Then I was able to spam down one and a half health bars thanks to that NPC distracting him. Keeping him alive as long as possible was the important part.

The progression curve is pretty flat but an extra health potion or two will definitely make a difference. That might be how they gate progress.

We talked about this earlier. DMC5 has a difficulty curve for new players that’s practically flat. Sekiro is the usual From Software boss fight roadblocks.

No difficulty settings and no summoning. But so far I’ve found a strategy for every boss that made the impossible seem easier.



Thank god it’s not only me. I was in two minds about this game - not really one for torturous games where I die over and over and avoided the Souls games for that reason. But actually I am enjoying dying over and over - and a precisely timed kill is very satisfying…

Glad I took a risk on it.



I’m a little gunshy about posting anything that could be taken as a spoiler, so I’m going to be pretty liberal with the tags.

I’ve sunk a ton of time into this already, but I don’t feel I’ve progressed very far. I’m taking care to try and master the combat, studying enemies, training, replaying encounters, and I’m enjoying it so, so much. But it’s slow going. I’ve beaten the first boss, got past the snake, encountered the second boss the one on a horse, and then backed up a bit to do some Hirata Estate stuff before I attempt that boss again.

This game is super fucking hard. There’s no sugar coating it. But I do not find it frustrating because the combat feels so good. The brutality of these swordfights is awesome. You feel so deadly, but so vulnerable. And if you want to be stealthy, you can! You can methodically scope out every area and take down most enemies in a single blow. But when you do find yourself in a fight, your best bet is to clash steel. Rarely are you rewarded for fighting timidly, or circling, or trying to be evasive. The game wants you in there, toe to toe. It doesn’t want you to be afraid. It wants you to feel like a ninja, standing in front of an enemy with your katana lowered, knowing you’ll be able to counter any attack that comes.

There are so many ways to take on every encounter, and your options are only going to increase as you unlock more skills/arms. For example: I was having a hell of a time with the first boss, until I realized *there is a way to pull him so that he loses sight of you, and then you can sneak around and deathblow from behind, making the fight much easier. That’s been my strat so far on double deathblow enemies: getting one “cheap” deathblow via stealth, then fighting proper. I felt elated when I beat that red-eyed monstrosity, though it took many attempts. Shortly thereafter I found the fire arm, lol, which you’re clearly supposed to use in that fight.

So far the shrines seem to be located very close to boss fights/tough areas, so unlike Dark Souls, the runback is nearly nonexistent.

For me, the difficulty is due to how fast everything is. It’s not that the window for action is small, it’s that you have to execute the correct maneuver. Do I parry? Block? Jump? Sidestep? Do I follow up with an attack, or back the fuck off? Knowing how to properly respond, and having your brain connect the right dots, takes practice.

It’s not cheap though. There are so many visual and auditory queues telling you what’s about to happen, and what you should do about it. Another example: I was practicing a parry move I’d unlocked. It’s a move to counter a thrust. I couldn’t get the timing right, despite the red warning sign, until I noticed right before the warning sign there’s a sound queue, and right before the thrust, the tip of the enemy katana flashes. Going off the sound queue I could execute the maneuver every time.

TLDR; game is great, visit the training area and git gud. Ninjas!



How is the level design? From what I’ve seen it looks good, is it linear like DS2 or more like DS1 / DS3 where stuff interconnects.



Glad to hear that worked for you! I was beginning to doubt my advice. The game slows way down if you take a deep breath and practice the attacks coming at you.

Personally I feel like once you do that, the game becomes easier in terms of execution than some of the others. So there’s a higher difficulty spike up front until you learn the patterns. Once you do, it’s faster and easier to get the win.

In some games it’s the opposite, where you know what to do but you have to remain patient for 5 minutes of the boss fight or something. I suck at that kind of thing.