Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

I will say I think it’s a pretty bold choice to make a consumable item integral(? it’s a little hard to tell) to a boss fight.

lol, even the game told me to give up on LB for now after the 20th consecutive L.

Edit: And he of the incredible voiceover is dead. Then I ran into the blazing bull and that’s enough Sekiro for one day.

I can get past LB’s first stage now without dying, but the second stage, hoo boy. Trying not to use my snap beans but all the little missiles and whatnot make this one pretty brutal. Gotta use my shuriken better, I guess.

I never used them. You can just run around and then hide behind a pillar to avoid the whole sequence.

LB down. I found just running around avoided them well enough. I did try hiding behind the pillars, but she was always coming for me and I didn’t want to wait for the whole cloud to spend itself…good fight!

Got past the BB, found a dude in a well and finally the traditional From problem has reared its ugly head: the camera. The space is so small the camera keeps bashing itself against the walls and then spontaneously unlocking so the guy gets behind me (and I can’t see him because all I can see is my own back) and ends up drop kicking me for massive damage. I was starting to think maybe they’d learned something!

It’s not required at all.

I did end up beating her without them.

Yeah, they really make you THINK that you need them, which is kind of bullshit, because you don’t have many, and I’d be surprised if someone beat her without running out if them.

I should load this game up again. I got real far, but didn’t beat it, and ended to removing it to make room on my ps4 because COD requires basically the entire freaking hard drive.

Well, I got past the guy in the well thanks to a dirty little trick that let me cut his life bar in half, hehe. Kept going, past a scary place and down an even deeper hole into another scary place. This game has depths! Although I can’t shake the feeling I am tooling through it a lot faster than I have any of the Souls games. We’ll see. I think I did DS Remastered in 37 hours. Left that hole behind to go back the way you go in the prologue and found another tough spear dude waiting for me. Seems beatable, though. Despite camera woes, I like that some of these fights that might be otherwise a little humdrum happen in places that you can’t just throw yourself backwards, although I did accidentally once and had to quickly grapple back up.

Oh man, those dive bombing guys were hilarious.

I finished off the 7AS guy at the Moon Viewing Tower, then turned around to see how to get across that bridge that was behind me. On confusing thing, the guys on the bridge were talking about a guy’s armor that was on hapzardly, then after killing them and getting a key I went back to a place I’d just snuck by and got Gyoubu’s Horn. I put two and two together…or so I thought, but I did not notice any result from hitting that guy with the resulting tool. Tried it a few times, realized I could just run by him and did that.

Some adventures later (and what the fuck, From, thanks for putting some unkillable guys next to this dude who’s trying to talk to me, meanwhile they’re getting up in my business and making it impossible for me to enjoy the conversation, so I got a letter and I’m not sure what else the guy said because I had to speed through it) I made it to the temple, where I’ve been sneaking around and getting some mysterious hints of things to come. Every time I think I’ve hit a wall there’s some other place to go!


It would be cool if you could upload clips of your boss fights. It’s interesting watching different people fight them.

Oh, I didn’t even think of doing that. I’ll do that for the next one I face, if I remember!

Up, up up at the temple. I found an old man, and he gave me a book. I found another text in a very high temple building and learned a combat art from it, then I went around and found myself where I’d already been. I faced and defeated Long-arm Centipede Sen-Un, but…I think I’m missing something. There must be more to this place, but I can’t think of anywhere obvious to go from here.

Somewhere up in this thread, i think i posted a video of my fight with a dude, but don’t watch it until you’ve beaten him.

You called?

Did I?!

Ok guys, I googled because I was confused and it seems maybe I’m at Senpou Temple too “early” to finish the area. I guess you need to make it to the top of the castle first? I have been in the keep, though, and the samurai who are there are rough as hell, so that’s why I left to do other things. Like, I don’t do hardly any vitality damage to them and can really only kill them by sneaking. Is that…normal? The only other area I can think of that’s open to me now is the Depths, and with all the undying down there I just said fuck it there must be some way to deal with these later and backtracked from there, too. Is there somewhere else I should be going that I missed? I’ve only uncovered the one memory so far. Are there others at this point? Or is the castle keep and its beefy samurai the way forward right now? I may have circumvented a miniboss in the stairs up toward the keep, but he’s surrounded by dudes and I figured it probably leads to the same place. Maybe I should go back and find a way through him. Guidance?

My name is Roberto, which is commonly spelled (in romaji) “Roberuto” (ロベルト) in Japanese. ;)

I gathered.

Now how about that guidance, Bob.