Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

Just so everyone is on the same page, @kolbex said “Let’s Go, Ship Wolf!” and then @mixuk replied, “Yes, teacher!” and then Kolbex was enraged for some reason.

Let’s Go!!! Ship Wolf sounds like an anime about pirates or something.

LOL well, just going by Google Translate. :)


Yes, I did that, too, but 隻狼 is Sekiro. Although 隻 is a counter (a type of Japanese character used to designate what type of thing is being counted in a number) for ships, in this case it’s short for 隻腕 which is a one-armed person. “Ikuzo, Sekiro!” is what Isshin says at the beginning of his fight.

Very cool.

I still love Shield Wolf so much.

Oh yeah, that patch is coming next week!

The update is nicely timed for me because, as ever, I’m horribly late to the party. I’m two nights’ worth of play in and to be honest, I could just fight in the training area for the rest of my life and I’d be happy. It’s scary out there…

Most fights for me so far start with killing anyone with ranged weapons (at great personal cost) before running around rooftops in plain sight while frustrated enemies literally throw things at me and I stare down at them in terror. If the Lord is waiting for a hero, he may have a long wait yet.

Part of the problem is I just came off a long and full playthrough of Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and I still sort of have those ‘get mashing, get smashing and block now and again’ reflexes. This, it seems, does not fly in Feudal Japan.

Bizarrely, I’m somehow still enjoying it.

The patch is here now! Presumably because it’s already the 29th in Japan or something? Anyway, the gauntlets look brutal.

Tried it, ouch. My skills have decayed immensely. I’m barely able to kill the first boss. I wonder if the boss mode is still affected by the game cycle?

I uninstalled it within 5 minutes. I realized it’s all the major bosses, which I guess should have been obvious, but I liked very few of those. The mini-bosses were more fun to me.

Maybe I’ll try it again at high framerates with a new videocard.

Oh, you mean is the boss NG+ powered, etc? Good question. My gut says no, but I actually couldn’t find any info on it.

It’s been less than 24 hours, but obviously some players have already beaten the full super gauntlet with all the extra handicaps.

Best comment I’ve seen: “It’s Pantheon of Hallownest all over again”

At this point we’re less than 72 hours from a no-hit minimum attack power run of it.

Got the fucker. Man I’m so happy I pushed through this. The exhaustion is just a memory now, starting NG+.

Way to ikuGO!

I mean, it looks like the same game I have, but it surely can’t be…

This game always seems to go on sale on Xbox for $38.99 on every sale. But in the current sale it’s $29.99. Progress!

My issue, of course, is time. I figure I’ll come to Sekiro once I finish Bloodborne and DLC (which I did finish) and Dark Souls 3 (which I haven’t).

You are much more disciplined than I am in this regard.

Well, you pulled well ahead of me in the Souls-like race recently by finishing The Surge. I need to get to that too.

I am slacking now, but the Elder Ring trailer has inspired me to get back to Mortal Shell.