Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

Vaatividya’s comments:

I like what I’m seeing. Being able to jump and grapple seems nice and fluid. The “posture” thing looks similar to Nioh’s Ki finishers. It completely replaces stamina, which means you now have an infinite amount of it. Don’t know how I feel about being able to resurrect instantly and on the spot, though. Seems very anticlimactic. What about gitting gud?

Man, this game just looks incredible. It’s like they took the mobility of a game like Crackdown or the Just Cause series, and combined it with the combat of the Souls series. I have a feeling I’m absolutely going to love this game.

Yeah the UI icons and maybe a bit of jank in some of the jumping animations is about all I can complain about. It looks like good clean fun.

The revive seems reasonable because the current approach is you must defeat an enemy to revive again, so there’s no way to grind through a single difficult foe indefinitely. I agree the actual implementation is kind of anticlimactic. Wait a few seconds, then okay, back to it!

I watched the Easy Allies Preview and the game looks very exciting.

The game looks pretty bad in slow motion and when he’s jumping around, but all the gameplay elements he talks about sound like a lot of fun. Jumping over unblockable sweep attacks, stomping on an enemy’s spear, perfect parries.

It’s too bad it comes out after DMC5. I would’ve preferred to enjoy this one for a couple weeks first.

Looks great with a decent player at the controls.

Man, this thread is a little tough to find without the main name of the game in the title, FYI @Woodlance

The PC specs were revealed today!


I’m not really following this game much, my initial excitement was constantly being hampered by headlines proudly proclaiming aspects of the game as being “harder” and much more frustrating (sounding, to me) than the Dark Souls games I love but am terrible at (despite beating most of them, I still don’t feel like I’m good at them, and only playing co-op have I been able to really succeed).

Still, everyone seems very enthusiastic about this title so I’m guessing when it comes time to launch I’ll be watching YouTube and streamers and thinking “maybe I should get this?” just like any other game that comes out, so it’s good to have the PC specs. :/

Definitely needs a thread title change.

I suggest From Software’s NEW GAME

I’d suggest:

“From From chums for From chums comes From’s fun humdrum.”

Some sort of preview embargo lifted today, lots of early game impressions floating around. I’m watching the “9 things to know” type of video from Eurogamer and it’s really think I should be getting this (at some point).

It’s gonna be a fun month starting Thursday at midnight for DMC 5 then this game 2 weeks later.

Dark Souls is by far my fav. series of games ever, so I’m super duper stoked about this game. I watched a few gameplay videos last week and it looks simply stunning. I still need to finish DS3. It’s the only one of the series I didn’t finish for some reason. And i never finish games. I just love their combat system, their level design and how they present the world. It just really clicks with me.

Oddly enough I never could get into Bloodborne. I really should go back and give it another shot. Just something about it that didn’t work for me compared to the other series.

Yeah that looked really good. I’ll definitely get it later this year once it hits a decent sale price.

It’ll be interesting to see if you like this and didn’t like Bloodborne. The combat seems even faster, but other parts like stealth are even slower than Dark Souls. Who knows.

Ya I’m scared that I might not like it, but I have no issues tossing them money to find out. :)

This was me as well. I did go back and try it again, and the second time it really clicked. I didn’t like the Victorian setting and the visual clutter and so many little things, but once I got into a groove, and reached some new areas in the game, it got a lot better. The setting got less Victorian, I got used to the visual clutter and my brain started filtering it out, and the combat systems in it are excellent and a lot of fun. So you should definitely give it another serious try. I think if you can get past the first area with its London-streets aesthetic, I think you’ll start enjoying it.

It was the lack of shields that really threw me off. Which kind of worries me with this one as well. I really should go back and try it though. I liked every other game in the series. Demon Souls was mind blowing for me when I played it back in the day.

I am probably skipping this one on release. Maybe later, but there really needs to be something from the souls DNA to get me hooked: exploration/level design, multiplayer, difficulty and risk/reward system like danger of losing “souls” , npc questlines, treasures etc… so far it looks like a competent action/fighting game, mabe more like Ninja gaiden.
we will see… and I played all former souls games.

I’ll admit I haven’t been following this too closely, but I had been under the impression that pretty much all of this is present aside from multiplayer–is that not correct?