Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)

I’m kinda stuck at 2 different bosses, Lady Butterfly and some guy on a horse. I think I wasn’t too far from beating the second one. It sounds like gunpowder is good vs horses from what I eavesdropped, but I haven’t found a weapon that uses that yet.

Damn rogue you have really become the Sekiro master. I only beat the game once. I’d love to replay it again someday.

Well even still I think it took me longer than most to finally realize it.

It didn’t truly dawn on me until after I managed to beat the last boss twice in a row without breaking a sweat. Then I noticed other things like deflected Seven Spears attacks causes him to stumble around. Also he is fat.

The final nail in the coffin was how Genichiro becomes an effortless fight. All encounters. He’s literally reduced to just the warm up by the end. And I took down The Demon of Hatred again just for the hell of it after swearing him off forever up thread!

I think part of it is Sekiro hits on a specific nerve. It wants you to master it, and if you can’t, you fail. And maybe after 100 hours or whatever (YMMV) you actually do! Your third eye is wide open. You simply know “how to Go”.

If it means anything I still sometimes think at night about Sekiro.

P.S. The spoiler tags are just boss names. Wasn’t sure.

Phew, the guy on the horse wasn’t too bad - took 2 tries this morning after failing several yesterday.

Great job! There’s plenty of great tips for lady b around if you want to make it easier for yourself (I sure used all the tricks, you’re a shinobi after all)

I’m also at a horse boss in Wo
long, I just wish he’d stay on his horse 😡. I also realise I have too few health pots for where I’m at and that’s pretty annoying. Sorry to go OT

@robc04 I am joining you. I never finished this when it first came out. I just wasn’t good at it. But Wo Long has given me some counter confidence. Maybe this time it will be different… Good luck!

He was nasty!

Thanks! Good luck to you too.

I never died to the horse boss in Sekiro, even when I sucked at the game. Although I fought him after the old women who kicked my ass repeatedly. I guess I was already used to some bigger bullshit.

How could you forget his naaaaaaaaame?!


I’m horrible with names, even in real life. Plus he couldn’t be trusted. He said I wouldn’t pass the castle gate and I did!

He said you wouldn’t pass it as he breathed.

Unless you found some way to sneak by…

Nope, just overlooked that technicality :-)

I think I missed some bosses. I don’t feel like I’ve fought that many. I’ve been to Ashina Outskirts, Ashina Castle, Abandoned Dungeon, Senpou Temple and Hirata Estate.

The only Reflection of Strength I have is Gyoubu Oniwa. Lasy Butterfly kicked my butt. I feel like I should have encountered more bosses by now. I did kill a bunch of mini bosses.

So @tomchick while I was able to beat Wo Long, I don’t think I’m going to be able to beat this. I made it much further than I did my first attempt, but man, I don’t think I can get good enough for this. I remember even when I was a kid, if there was too much going on I was just no good at some video games. When they introduced Defender II, my brain melted due to the extra button(s).

Some of you people who beat this are around my age, right? I’m 53.

Oh, I saw that you beat Wo Long in the other thread! And while you may not be a Tim James or even someone who can get through Sekiro, you’ve got plenty of brawler/Souls-like cred with me. I think I bailed out of Sekiro after the first miniboss. It wasn’t even a real boss!

Yep, i knew you knew I beat Wo, I just figured I’d also let you know I can’t beat this :-)

What are you stuck on? Are you finding and applying health and attack power upgrades? Looks like you’d only have one of the latter so far.

LOL @robc04 we must share some gamer dna, because I bounced off of Sekiro hard tonight after being all gung ho yesterday. I got to an area where I had to continually clear a courtyard full of minions to attack (and die) to a mini boss one too many times…It bugs me that there is a From Software game in the world I can’t get into but… there it is.

I’ve been banging my head against Lady Butterfly for a couple hours. I probably made it through 75% of the fight at my best. I also went through the castle and somehow missed the boss and gat into the temple well past that and hit a dead end. I was doing OK but got stuck.

yeah, I like the game but I just don’t think I’ve got the skills to beat it. I’m not sure what I missed in the castle to not find the boss. I’d like to give them a try. There may have been a locked door or something. And Lady Butterfly…she is a pain

I hate to break it to you guys but you had no chance at mastering Sekiro, coming into this thread like ‘hey I just finished this other game and think I will give this a go again!’ this thread is littered with people who announce such a valiant attempt and then nope out a few days later. I am one of them.

To beat Sekiro you have to be willing to conquer yourself as much as any boss, I am pretty sure @roguefrog grew a third eye in the process.

Im joking of course, don’t let me dissuade you from keep trying. I really really really wanted to get 100% achievements for Sekiro, as last year I 100%d all three dark souls games as well as Elden Ring. Sekiro is the only one left, whenever my eyes meet its icon in the Steam library it taunts me. I got up until this high narrow mountain pass where I just got ganked by unseen archers fifty times while trying to traverse it. I was weak, I folded.

Hmm, maybe I should try again…