Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (topic now 200% easier to find)


He presents as tough but he’s really a one-trick pony. Deflect and attack.

I do much better when I decided to just bum rush him and keep on the pressure, hopefully deflecting successfully when I need to. Can’t give him space.

…and beat him :-)

Buckle up!

The next boss is serious time.

ummmm, my first attempt was not very successful…

This is the “second” skill check. For me Lady Butterfly is the first teacher.

I should have known he would have more than 1 form. Beating him on my second try was a little too good to be true. :-)

Whooo freakin’ whoo, I beat Genichiro!

While this one was tough, Lady Butterfly was much tougher for me.

Hmmm, I think they are a natural progression. Much better than my own progress anyways.

Genichiro best fight.

Nice work!

The reality is Genichiro needs to become a pushover

@robc04 Since you are making good progress there is an easy to miss area/boss. It’s not blocked off until much later but I missed it in my first playthrough and wish I hadn’t.

Can you give me a hint as to which area it is in so I can try and make sure I don’t miss it?

My hint would be to simply tell you to eavesdrop on Kuro somehow.

But the reality is it’s complicated. Emma also.

I have to admit I’m surprised you beat him that fast. I’m sure you’ll run into a roadblock eventually, but this is a really good sign. Some people never make it past this part. Especially because the special parry in the final phase is really tricky and it’s hard to practice it.

I was seriously considering quitting at Lady Butterfly. I’m glad I didn’t. Oh, I’m sure there will be places that give me trouble. I was able to pull that parry off 1, or maybe it was 2 times. It really helped me get the upper hand. My first several times in that part I was dead within a minute. Maybe I just got lucky.

I’ve beaten an red eyed Ogre after he kept throwing me off the cliff for an hour. That felt ‘persevering’. Well, I just started the game to see if I am in the mood, rushed through, didn’t even grasped the gameplay basics (what’s with the little symbols above my health bar? and so on… don’t bother answering, I didn’t even try to find out) but man I wanted to see this mini-boss gone. Now I am exhausted and still not deciced if I am in the mood for the game :)

Yeah, that is pretty stellar. I would always consider Genichiro harder than Lady Butterfly, but at the same time they are “different” I guess.

Stuff in From games is always so easy to miss. In a Dark Souls game, I usually play without a guide, other than maybe to look up damage weaknesses if I’m having trouble with a boss. Then after the game or a couple areas I’ll look in a guide to see what I missed.

I decided to check a guide for the castle area in Sekiro to see what I missed and it mentioned if I returned to the tower where the divine kid was kept in the beginning I could fight another boss. I wouldn’t ever have returned there. Do you feel looking this stuff up after being ready to move on from an area is taking anything away from the game? This isn’t the one you were talking about, was it?