Select your color theme preference for Discourse qt3


At long last we finally have the dark / light theme preference ready to go.

  1. Visit your user preferences

  2. Scroll to the bottom where it says “Theme”

  3. Select either default (the current light theme) or “Qt3 by NIGHT!”

This can be tweaked as we go, the feature is still actively being worked on, but it is good enough to start testing with for now and it should basically work.

Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?
Qt3 by NIGHT! returns
Discourse Changes & Enhancements
Hey, how can I get Discourse to do X?

Other selectable color themes can also be added as needed. It’s not limited to two, but dark/light is the big win here.


Would be fine if the Default theme was the old default theme, and not some ugly space-eating horror.


Oh my bad let me fix that. I get so used to seeing the real Discourse default that I stop “seeing” it altogether.


Way to come through!! Using QT3 at Night on my mobile now. A thing of beauty. I’d still echo Stusser’s suggestion to use the Solarized dark theme, but a huge positive.


Thank you! I saw the change happening live. That’s like watchig a rocket taking off for real!


I don’t see the dark theme as a selection option.


Refresh your browser to dump cache.


Yes this worked! Its so dark, so glorious.


I don’t know if the width tweaks are in the dark theme yet @clay perhaps you can assist? The width tweaks need to be broken out into their own “Theme Component” so they can be combined with each theme…


“QT3 by night” isn’t that the beginning of the moonlighting theme song?


Lovely! Thanks for this, Discourse guys.


And Grimoire was Greenlighted. We do truly live in wondrous times.


Anyone using my extension, you can just change your theme selection at the bottom (there should be 2 theme dropdowns now) back to normal or default or whatever it’s called, and use the top most theme selector instead. I haven’t tested yet but it should work fine.


Yep, I can help. I’ll see if I can get that done tonight or tomorrow.


Aiiieee. The By NIGHT! Theme was a thing of beauty, but I guess it’s in transition because my eyes… They burn. Ze goggles do nothing.

PS If anyone who knows how to do a theme is game, I too would kill to see a Solarized version, @stusser @Clay, @wumpus


@wumpus Looks like you or somebody else is playing with the themes right now. Let me know when and/or if you still need to to separate out the width adjustments.



I wasn’t messing with the default or dark theme, but I was trying to get a midnight blue theme going. Can’t figure out how to style the category descriptions though. It must require custom CSS.


Probably. I’ll take a look at it.