Self Indulgent Etiquette

I’m not a person who frequents forums, but my limited forays into this world have taught me something. Reliably, my curious albeit self indulgent talking points (which I assumed would be the mass of writing on such a medium), have prompted many comments about me being a bot, and then a right wing extremist. I am neither. I understand the defense mechanism being employed here because bots do exist, but how can I express the desire to discuss controversial or outlandish topics without being immediately labeled or treated like I’m Alex Jones???

You kind of jumped in with both feet. Perhaps take it a bit slower :)
Engage in some other posts on the forum. Dial back the rhetoric a little. Go easy on us a bit, we’re old and crotchety.

I would say to post in some of the movie or game threads about stuff you like. I don’t read the politics section but I assume the people who disagree there like knowing they have shared hobbies.

How do you feel about the Epic Game Store?

The P&R section has not managed to evade the pervasive deepening of the division between the left and the right. And we went left. Be mindful of that.

Maybe spend less time with a thesaurus and more time empathizing with your fellow human.

I think the best way to feel at home is to open as many new topics as possible.

I feel that he, she or it has a certain intelligence. But yes, they are working hard on being seen as an intellectual. I could almost believe it. But the Blavatsky stuff is strange. Blavatsky was Russian. Whatever that means.

I was a Thelema study student for a while. Crowley. I did the first part of it. I learned the Qabalah the way Crowley said. Up, down, left and right. Up and down. It has to be the most important thing in your life. You have to think of it every hour, every minute, every day. I was way into it. I was highlighting things on the F train to Brooklyn.

Whatever. I have forgotten more of that shit than I can remember. But it was so fucking interesting.

This made me laugh so hard I scared the cats. NOICE!

I’d rather be labeled as a bot than as Alex Jones. Just sayin’.

I’m a little disappointed that you’re not Kristi Gaines. If you are, just PM me your favorite drink :(

I think the issue is, we only have room for a few pompous, pedantic pseudo-intellectuals. I personally take up two of those slots, at least, so that leaves precious little room for competition.

Nothing pseudo about you mate.

You’re a sith, aren’t you? ;)

Possibly. It’s true I only deal in absolutes.

But… you were the chosen one!!!

I think you may be trying a bit too hard? You jumped into the politics forums (which is tough at the best of times) with a heavy topic, without any introduction whatsoever and with a style you consider to be ‘lazy grammar’ yet compared to what you see around you here is extremely formal. That will indeed label you a bot because it’s just so out of the ordinary here.

So, my advice: just browse other topics first, join a discussion on a game you like or a movie you watched, get a feel for the place. And once you know us a bit (and we know you a bit) go for the deeper stuff. Perhaps more people will be inclined to participate then.

Anyway: Welcome to the forum!

I’ve been at this forum literally from the beginning, with the occasional hiatus, and I don’t venture into P&R very often. That’s the scary, dark side of Qt3.

Nah it’s not scary. The only scary part is the news we report. And then honestly, that’s what’s horrifying. We’re basically an aggregator for the heinous stuff political types do (both right, left, and non-political scumbags).