Self Indulgent Etiquette

I do dip my toe in every now and then, and it seems LESS vitriol-ridden than it used to be, but I rarely feel inclined to comment in there, at any rate.

It used to get pretty hostile.

I think having Trump as president has made it much harder to even pretend to be right of center. With him things are much more right and wrong.

There’s certainly no denying that Trump being President has led to a HORRIFIC increase in “us vs. them” between any two groups – politically, socially, gender, what have you. Our country is so violently divided along every possible line, it’s appalling.

To be fair, it’s only appalling because there are still people that support Trump and the GOP that enables him.

<veers back away from P&R territory>

So, Epic Game Store, huh? How does THAT work?

P & R rarely gets vitriolic these days. Tedious, boring, long-winded about esoterica? All of that, but rarely vitriolic.

Sort of like this, but Plainview is Epic and Oil Milkshakes represent new PC games.

I like the Epic Games Store! They have given me lots of free stuff!

Sorry for tiptoeing too close to P&R. It felt topical, at least.

So you’re saying their Oil Milkshakes bring all the Boys PC Games to the yard?

Totally agree. I wouldn’t always say tedious and boring though. More like “OMG how is it possible this insanity is happening in this country?!?!? How can people be so evil?!”

I find it constantly shocking.

First, this should have been in P&R, since you have only posted there. You have created an account, immediately started posting a controversial topic, in a politics category that is a subset of a forum that is mostly a gaming/media forum. Add to that you have a, shall we say, interesting avatar that I see mostly on odd Facebook friends requests.

We have no shyness of controversial posts – see the spirited discussion about the Star Wars films – but dropping the hammer down with a hot take in a P&R category is a tough first impression. Add to that the P&R forum is left-leaning, following up with a how can I express the desire to discuss controversial or outlandish topics? without getting the lay of the land may make people not desire to discuss these things with you.

I get that joining a forum is a tough thing. I recently joined a forum for model railroading, and another related to a game, and it feels like it takes about 100 posts to get to the point where you settle in. The forum accepts you, and you accept the forum. Most of those early posts are the equivalent of leveling up. I’d post that someone did a nice job on that model or ask advice on a certain thing. Forum small talk. Would you walk up to a group at a new social hangout and express a desire to discuss a controversial topic?

So, to what others have said, post smaller hot takes and broaden out to the other categories.