Self-masturbatory MBA disrupters

For what it’s worth, that’s one of the biggest causes of tooth enamel loss, brushing too hard. I’m guilty of going too long on toothbrush use. Not really sure what the actual recommendation is though?

If I think I feel even a tiny bit of plaque left, I kind of go overboard trying to annihilate it.

I’m that way about stuff between my teeth. I can feel the tiniest granule of something and have to whip out one of those portable flosser things. I have them in my work back, my car, etc.

You still have teeth? Ok I’m going in for another implant tomorrow so that was an exaggeration on my part.

My dentist gives me a new toothbrush every six months and I replace it then. I can’t believe you people are wearing out toothbrushes faster than that!

Here’s the scare mongering on the flip side that you could be buying bad knockoff filters

Here’s an idea, how about we stop making those filters disposable in the first place and just gives a means to fill them again? Less plastic being thrown away AND you can now exactly what you’re putting in there.

What did you go with?

Brother HL-L2300D. There is a workaround (available via google or on Amazon user comments) if the printer says empty but the toner is not really empty. As I mainly print text and not images, toner lasts a long time. I got ripped on a Dell before that did not have a reset hack.

I ignored a warning on my Brother inkjet printer, and the printheads actually got damaged. I guess they dried out too much, and now one of the colors only works a little bit.

Brother mono lasers and MFPs are great deals though.

Yeah. But I learned recently that toner can get in the air and become carcinogenic. (My printer is in the bedroom.)

That GE filter thing is unbelievable. What grifters. I love the solution though. It’s like hacking off a guard’s hand to open the security door. Except you tape his hand to the wall for convenient use.

Oh, I’m looking for a color printer. My current Epson is a money sink.

Canada has a Monoprice equivalent in the form of—they have a network of sites one of which is

What frugal Canadians have done is research the most reliable printer with cheapest/longest print duty cartridges also available in generic from that site. Not sure if they have a US facing site or have a colour laser that will suit you. Try there? Friends have been happy using the mono laser they sell along with supplies from there—unsure if they have one in colour laser.

Some novel recommendations, general tips and even some other sites mentioned like

Never could figure out what’s the best way to handle a dirty handkerchief. Put it back in your pocket after using it? Gross!

Also women’s shirts don’t have those pockets, typically.

Yeah… Color lasers are expensive. I’ve thrown away multiples at $600+ each. The biggest issue is the drum set are like $150 because you need four separate drums

Haha. Reminds me of when We Company was pitching their revolutionary “co living” concept.