Sell today?

Correction time is coming! Tax liability be damned! (well, mostly)

Hold. Timing the market is a losers game.

Eh. I pegged the bottom literally to the day last time. We’re bound to lose 1000 points over the next month or so. I was going to sell on Thursday, but your logic kept me in the game! I lost some gains by holding till today.

The market is looking to, and wanting to, correct. It just needed some reason to.

Well, the McClellan oscillator for NYSE has been pegged at 1200 for a month or so. I’m just saying.

stop saying things i agree with

i don’t know who i am anymore

Timing the market IS the game. IMO :)

My energy stuff is already down 3%ish. Large cap stuff has held. I really want to start playing with short selling hah.

The most useful computer game I ever played was Millionaire. At the age of 12, it taught me all about compound interest, margin trading, and call and put options.

Maybe it’s because I played the markets with mickey mouse money as a kid that I really don’t have a lot of enthusiasm for doing so now.

Wow, if you agree with Rimbo he loses his identity!

The same thing happens to me too, Rimbo! I agree!

This should be fun :-)

No, no, it only happens when WarrenM says things I agree with. :)

If by “just needed an excuse” you mean the announcement about Goldman Sachs getting sued by the Feds, that might be a good argument, but bank stocks went up again today, at Citigroup showed a big profit today, so that might mitigate the GS issue. Or, if you meant the volcano and its impact on airline profits, another possible reason, but I don’t see it necessarily having much of a broader impact.

So, which excuse were you actually referring to?

So the other day, a friend was telling me about their trip to Vegas. It’s a big long narrative about winning a grand in blackjack here, hitting the jackpot on slots, and just in general winning, winning, winning. And the story ends with “… so we were only down $600 at the end of the weekend.”

Anyway, yeah, I’m sure that your active trading and market timing program will work great.

Yes, i hope so too. I have delusions of grandeur right now of shorting Palm.

I’m sorely tempted to short Rona. Canadian housing crash, make me some big money!

I would think that Palm’s bad news would be factored into its price already.

Hopefully you didn’t pull all of your money out of AAPL yesterday.

Stupid Apple. They’re like a house of cards built on a pile of gold - that uses gold instead of cards. Outperforming all my small cap stuff, the bastards.

Buy index funds. :)

Fuck that. Buy ETFs.

Well, domestic and international index funds I mean.

… if you’re buying for a taxable account in large infrequent transactions. If you’re buying for a non-taxable account in frequent, small transactions (like an IRA or 401k), index funds make more sense.