Selling on Amazon

In a different thread, someone mentioned selling things on Amazon was better than using Ebay. It was a brief mention and was a bit offtopic, but it made me wonder about the difference. I know Amazon guarantees its marketplace sales in a much better way. But my question is about selling. I want to sell some video games I have. I have positive reviews as a BUYER with ebay, but I haven’t sold anything on there. I have sold nothing via Amazon either. I don’t want my lack of previous sales to influence the price I will get, so how should I go about this? Should I sell lesser things on ebay until I build up a rating and then go for the bigger stuff? Or can I get buy with no feedback at Amazon because of the method they use?

I sold a book on Amazon, I thought the fees were a little high but then I realised that I pay three sets of fees on Ebay, a listing fee, a final value fee and the paypal fee. Amazon is comparable when to those combined fees and I loved how the money was direct deposited into my bank account at the end of the week, not held in some account for perpetuity or until I get motivated enough to move it or buy stuff with it.

Both of them have advantages, I work a lot, like 60-80 hours a week right now so I can only ship on certian days, choosing when my auction ends usually helps me work around when I can make it to the post office by ending the auction two days before a day off while with Amazon you’re expected to ship within two or three days no matter when it’s purchases.

Ebay gives you the advantage of each item having it’s own personal space so if there’s anything special at all about your item you can describe it in detail.

I didn’t really feel penalized from lack of feedback on Amazon, I just listed my item with a fair price and they went fairly quickly, I know that on e-bay though if I had no feedback it would actualy cost me money because people wouldn’t bid as high.

If you know what your stuff is worth and your willing to sell it whenever I’d go Amazon but if you just want to get it out of the house and get some cash I’d list it on Ebay starting at a dollar or so (use a reserve if there’s a minimum price you’ll accept).