Semi-Official: Superman Returns is going to suck

I’ve not liked the casting choices (except for Spacey which was cool) or the costume design of Singer’s Superman from day one. However I held on to the hope that the movie script would be good, and that that Spacey and the FX would save it. Well… Moriarty from AICN spills the beans and the beans aren’t good. Here are some mostly non-spoiler quotes…

[i]"It bothers me that this movie is structurally a beat-for-beat rehash of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE. It bothers me that Lex Luthor is involved in another land scam… what bothers me more than anything is the fact that there are two action sequences in the whole script. And neither one really blew my skirt up at all. "

"Warner Bros. needs to step up and show us why he’s the biggest and best hero of them all, and instead, we’re getting a mopey Superman who seems more concerned with what Lois has been doing with her cooter for the last five years than anything else. "

“hanging around Lois’s house and spying on her family with his x-ray vision because he’s the sullen jilted boyfriend [doesn’t] really makes him “super” in my book”

"Isn’t it a bad sign when they bring on a cute kid for a sitcom? "

“As crazy as this sounds, I would have preferred the JJ Abrams draft. At least that had supervillains and a giant robot battle.”[/i]

see the rest here. Just be warned. Major spoilage by page two

Dammit! ><

I didn’t know people still read AICN.

Oh, God.

Yeah, this would be meaningful if AICN wasn’t always wrong about, you know, everything.

Don’t they mean the most unbalanced, least thought out hero of them all? The one who happens to have whatever power is necessary at the moment? The one who has only one weakness and is otherwise impervious to everything?

Don’t forget the super-ventriloquism!

I hope there really are more than two action sequences.

Unless one of them is 45 minutes long.

Is one of them a fight with a huge mechanical spider?

I thought it was with some polar bears.

— Alan

Official: Superman Returns is going to be awesome.

I hope one of the action sequences is as good as the mutant poodle battle scene from the Hulk. Seriously, wtf was ang lee thinking?

Come on, the JJ Abrams draft would be better? Fuck that.

As for Singer and his costume choice, maybe you should go listen to what Kevin Smith had to say about his involvement with the Superman movie, and the retarded costume and script choices the producer wanted to put in.

Guido, Peters is still the producer and probably explains why this movie still is going to suck even with Singer involved

I actually already knew that - but since Peters wanted to have Superman:

A. Not Fly
B. Wear a custom that is neither Red nor Blue
C. Not wear a cape

I don’t think the addition of Brian Singer is anywhere near a bad thing.

I am not sure what to think. I don’t like the costume (but yes, it’s miles better than what was proposed for earlier drafts) and Routh, to me, just isn’t big enough, at least from what I’ve seen. He looks more like Superboy. For a film that picks up after Superman II… He does look like a decent Clark Kent, I guess, with the glasses.

It’s the script and directing that is going to make or break it for me.

I am actually looking forward to World’s Finest a bit more than SR, at this point.

It’s by the same guy who did Batman: Dead End.

Is Superman Returns the one that had some long internet rant about it, detailing a godawful tortured history, with the film being helmed by someone who apparently had no idea who or what Superman is? Anybody know what I’m talking about?

The full trailer is out

Spacey might just save this movie. Terrible superman, terrible script, a Lois Lane who looks like a high school freshman, and a cute comic relief kid but Kevin Spacey owns that trailer and he might own the movie.

This is probably the rant you’re thinking of.

That’s the one. So, Superman Returns mutated out of that mess, yes? Cause that does not fill me with confidence.