Semi-Official: Superman Returns is going to suck

I don’t listen to AICN, but watching that trailer killed ANY interest I had in seeing this. UGH.

God, you’re a bunch of cynical old ladies. I think that looked pretty good. I loved the wing breaking of the plane. Who hasn’t wanted to see that?

My guess is that it may do pretty well. They’re not going directly for the comic book crowd though, that’s pretty clear.

Oh man, this movie suspiciously looks like Superman II. My interest went down a big notch.

— Alan

Why, because Superman II was, um, great?

Yeah, what the fuck? Looking like the best pre-Spiderman superhero movie ever made is a bad thing?

Give me some superbaddies fighting Superman using today’s CGI tech and I’ll shut up and see this. But from the trailer, it looks like Lex Luthor breaks into the Fortress of Solitude and gets his hands on Kryptonian tech, which sounds BORING.

I watched the new trailer and realized that despite the fact I have no interest in seeing a superman movie, I’ll watch it just to see Kevin Spacey as the villain. His bits in the trailer sold me all by themselves, despite the other growners.

“It’s a bird.”
“It’s a plane.”
Clark Kent: “You called for me?”

Haw haw I see what you did there!

That was another joke fanmade trailer, right? Ignoring the fanboy whining about casting or the costume, WTF? That looked truly, truly terrible. Where was Superman throwing cars and shit? Freezing lakes? Cutting through bridges with eye lasers?
It’s the freaking trailer for a Superman movie and all he does in it is fly. Is he “flying man” now?

If there was one thing the movie didn’t need it was a generic annoying cute kid.

Other than him the cast looked solid, except for superman/clark, which is what confuses me, surely he’s the guy you need to make sure spot on, i mean yeah Christopher Reeve was an unknown, but i’ve a hard time seeing this guy filling his shoes, particularly after this trailer.

Ho hum…between this and X3 it looks like it’s back to the world of lame ass comic book movies.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve just never really understood the appeal of Superman. This movie could be okay… but Superman, as a hero, doesn’t do it for me. The whole “I have every power imaginable and can’t really die but someone always seems to find kryptonite and that pisses me off” thing… I dunno. Shady.

Well, that’s part of why Superman II was so dope. Not only did he have to fight 3 of his kind (him being, whatever, slightly gimped by the STUPIDEST PLOT DEVICE EVER DEVICE, is beside the point), they discovered his OCD for humanity and exploited it (a little).

You haven’t seen the scene where Superman rips off the kid’s head and then crushes it into a diamond, and then Lois gets so upset that she runs around Kevin Spacey in circles until they all end up back in the stone age.

LOL, one of Luther’s sidekicks is the gopher from Van Wilder.

Trailer worked for me. Seeing Brando, hearing the music, seeing Superman flying. Lois’ love child was annoying, and poor Cyclops not even making it into the trailer.

Okay… I’ll go see it. But I’m very, very fucking dubious. Clark Kent looks awesome and Superman looks like a dork. It’s all very wrong.

I have big faith in Singer, so I’m willing to drop eight bucks on this though.

Have you seen it lately? The superman movies don’t hold up very well. Neither do the Batman movies, but I still prefer Burton’s to the Superman movies…and the X-men movies are miles better than the Supes or Spidey.

At least this movie has Bryan Singer - I’d much rather have him on x-men 3.

If i go and see the movie and this doesn’t happen i’m going to be most upset.

There was a superman plot a friend and I wanted to see. We thought of it like 20 years ago, so I am missing a lot of the cool stuff, but its basically like this:

What if superman went totally crazy?

In once scene (in the beginning of his insanity) after defeating a bad guy while still dressed as Clark Kent, with the exception of his glasses, a crowd gathers around him to thank him. They only see him as superman despite his clothes. Louis lane is there, jimmy is there, etc… So he puts on his glasses and they say “Clark! When did you get here?!” Then he takes them off again and they say “Superman! Thanks for defeating these bad guys.” He proceeds to put on and take off his glasses at superhuman speeds while everyone starts going “Clark!” “Superman!” as fast as possible until they pass out from exhaustion.

In another scene after it has become clear superman is now a threat Batman (there are other super friends involved at various points) confronts Superman. Superman takes off and batman gets in his car to follow him. Instead of just flying around, superman flys to the moon and picks up large moon rocks and tries to peg batman by whizzing these meteors at him. Then we have a scene of batman futilely trying to dodge meteors which are causing huge craters devastating the landscape.

In a final climax of the movie, the super friends are defeated, and humanities last hope is to build this giant robot to defeat superman. It is a Herculean effort, but they pull it off. They launch the robot and the battle is staged. Superman looks at this robot and regards it for a minute. The robot is bristling with weapons and has super tuff armor. Instead of having a classic fight where he flys around and punches it, he just picks it up and hurls it into the sun. Then goes on a spree of destruction.

The sequence is a ruined earth, where most everyone is dead. Then we cut to a space scene of earth and superman flys up from earth right up to the camera and says “One more time!” and then flys off to earth and starts flying in circles to ‘rewind time’ as he did in the original Superman movie. Credits roll.

Now that is a movie Id love to see made.

I actually dig the trailer. Spacey is perfect casting.

But who gets to play Miss Tessmacher?

Well, I showed the trailer to my wife who had quite the opposite reaction. She laughed at Spacey’s lines, liked the kid, seemed interested in the Clark/Lois romance plot, and liked the flying sequences. So perhaps Superman was always intended to be a date movie and hardcore comic geeks be damned.