Senate endorses ban on war dead coverage

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate refused Monday to change a Pentagon policy banning media coverage of America’s war dead as their remains arrive in flag-draped caskets.

“It’s an outrage,” said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who had sponsored legislation to restore coverage of homecoming ceremonies at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

The New Jersey Democrat said the Pentagon directive that requires strict censorship, “issued just as the Iraq war began … prevents the American people from seeing the truth about what’s happening.”

The 54-39 Senate negative vote came as the American death toll in Iraq reached 845 Monday.

Can’t be upsetting voters now, can we?

Thanks for posting this, Midnight Son. I missed it.

Where will get the footage for their next wave of ads?

Media footage of the war dead has a definite liberal bias, as it strongly implies that they will not rise again to defend the US in its hour of need.

If it has a definite liberal bias, it is because conservatives remember the role that pictures of flag-draped coffins had in pressuring the government to end the Vietnam war. Bush’s handlers don’t want people making the connection there.

Out of sight, out of mind. Nothing to see here, move along…

That’s outrageous. I hope the media outlets challenge this in court.

Hey, that’s funny!

Liberals oppose the undead?

There’s nothing that shows hubris quite like single party rule…

They don’t oppose the undead; secular humanism has so corrupted their thinking that they actually don’t believe in the undead, even though the Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that Christ animated a revenant and came back as a lich.

But actually I was thinking of the patriotic legends of El Cid, King Arthur, and the Knights of Blanik, who will ride again to save Spain, England, and the Czech Republic, respectively, in their hours of need. Who will we get…Nixon? Douglas MacArthur? Robert E. Lee?

Barbarossa! He will appear in Milwaukee…