Senator Shelby places holds on ALL nominees


Short version: he’s unhappy that some pork isn’t coming to his state fast enough, so he’s taken the unprecedented step of placing a blanket hold on all Obama nominees.

Anyone care to venture a guess as to which party he’s from?

World’s Greatest Deliberative Body indeed!

He’s an idiot. For those interested, this is how to email Senator Shelby:

Idiot? Nah. This is just a logical endpoint for all of the obstructionism the Senate’s bizarre rules allow.

I’m sure John McCain got an apoplexy about how the comity of the Senate has deteriorated. No? How strange!
Actually, I’m surprised it happened, it doesn’t seem the right move strategically.

Against a worthy opponent, this manuver would result in a catastrophic riposte. But my friends, you must remember, Senator Shelby faces only Democrats.

Unfortunately this is true. Smart opponents would make this the single issue until it’s resolved, since it reflects so many of the things that regular Americans are tired of in Washington. Hang him out to dry - you’ll likely bring some other Republicans with him.

Ezra Klein explains the mechanics of a hold.

The short version: The Senate works on unanimous consent - you have to have the approval of the majority of the body to do pretty much anything. If you watch CSPAN, you’ll hear the term “unanimous consent” used tons of times.

If someone objects to unanimous consent, you gotta hold a vote. Votes can be filibustered. Even if 99 Senators are against Senator Shelby, the filibuster will eat up several days of time. And he gets to do that every time unanimous consent is asked for, which is like a few hundred times per day.

Please go through the mechanics of how the Democrats would crush him. I’m interested. Remember: the only coverage that they are going to get is a few web outlets and maybe MSNBC.

Good luck.

Mitch McConnell won’t even comment.

Remember, it’s Obama and the Democrats that are bloating the budget and fighting attempts to cut spending!

Can you impeach a Senator?

Wiki says yes, Senator William Blount, in 1798. You learn something new every day. I surely didn’t know this.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the media picks up on this one and runs with it. Normally I’d expect they wouldn’t - they’re terrible at reporting on the minutae of Senate procedure. On the other hand, this is a pretty baldfaced move, and the fact that he’s doing it over obvious pork may fit into some of the media’s preferred frames.

The question I have is if he’s just the token guy here chosen to hold up the approvals or if it really is over programs for his state (both appear to be defense or government contract related.)

I’m guessing he’s testing the water, seeing how far he can push things. He may have the tacit approval of his caucus, but I doubt this was a plan that Mitch McConnel baked up.

[i]Dear Senator Shelby,

Please lift your blanket hold on the president’s nominees. The Democratic party might actually grow a backbone in response to your actions. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Lunch of Kong[/i]

Thank you for contacting Senator Shelby. A representative will be in contact with you shortly.

You were much nicer than me man. I need to send political emails less often when I’m caffeine deprived.

There is something wrong with a man from the South trying to throw their weight around on “capitol hill”.

As a Southerner, I’d appreciate a clarification. (Not that I don’t think Shelby’s a complete dick - Alabama’s my home state.)

It would be a regional thing primarily. A cumulation of factors (making things cloudy! haha!) In essence, I went from living on capitol hill in Washington to living on capitol hill in Washington DC.

Skiing being a euphemism for throwing one’s weight around on a hill most capitol, punnery seemed appropriate.