Sentinels of Freedom: the new freedom force?

Ok this game in many ways feels like the sucessor to Freedom Force. more complex systems, turned based combat, but has a fluid nature to how it plays. Looks and feels like a updated Freedom Force across the board without the cool voice overs. :(

The character creator is very impressive right out of the gate. If this can be modded, this could have tremendous staying power.

Playing with the creator now

The best attack for a enemy can highly vary, sometimes they will have multiple defences and the best one is used against a attack. Different modes can be selected that have their own powers in that group. AP is spent for everything, including changing modes or switching places in the turn order to get your allies power to effect sooner

it also incorporates a impressive number of selectable traits, that are a mix of good and bad bonuses,that add to the theme of the character you are creating. Love what i’m seeing so far!

Grabbed it! Talk about out of nowhere. Anyway, the tutorial isn’t bad but the hordes of baddies are annoying when waiting for each one to do something before it’s your turn to go. Not sure if it’s me not getting it or a minor bug, but trying to rescue a civie isn’t working for one of them. Lost a dude and gonna have to reload, but so far (20 minute of tutorial!) so good.

Steam page:

This game is a lot deeper than you would think it is. For instance, facing matters for defensive activations and when you attack someone. you need to pay attention to the enemy resistance to a attack and their ability to dodge it.

Lots of other stuff that you have to figure out, like doing combos, and several of the missions have objectives you are not quite sure how to complete the first go.

Basically, its not as intuitive as it ought to be.Not a game breaker, just likely to have some people bounce off due to unneeded frustration. Stick with it though, and lots to love and seems like replayability is a plus! Back to playing…

How long should it take someone to complete the singleplayer campaign? I hope it’s not super short.

Example of Mission selection, optional side missions and story missions, and training missions.

They also have training to learn new abilities, and other customization

you can do.

I’d be curious to hear more about this. My concern is that it’s a story-based game. And, what’s more, only Chapter 1 of that story. That sounds to me like a way to cover for not having much content.


So far even the park mission marked “not story” is just a one shot story mission. No mission generator or repeatable activities as far as I can see.

The super hero abilities are fun, the defensive reflex ones that trigger opportunity fire can be awesome.

Is there a skirmish mode?

According to the dev, there will be in about a month.

The dev said on Steam around 30 hours for chapter one.

Can you scale tall buildings or interact with scenery like in Freedom Force? That added a lot of flavor.

They also said they’re shooting for chapter 2 to come out this summer. With that and them saying skirmish mode is coming in about another month, it sounds like it’s kind of still in EA.

Eh, 30 hours isn’t bad for a $20 game. The skirmish will be a nice addition though, as I can see that replaying the campaign as another character will be much less interesting (for me anyway).

I made it thru the tutorial pretty easily this time. I paid more attention to what I was doing and didn’t misclick and waste moves like previously. It was only about 20 minutes long, but I would prefer the last 15 min of it wasn’t just fighting a never ending horde of low level baddies for 4-5 turns. Made my dude (as close to an old MUSH character I ran for a few years) and now I’m off to kick some villainous butt!

Btw I would strongly urge everyone to skip the tutorial. If you want info then go watch the bits online you want. There is no gameplay benefit to the canned tutorial so really you are just adding time (maybe 30 mins+?) to getting to creating your character and starting the game.

Is this only turn-based, then? I liked the adjustable real-time of FF.

Yeah turn based XCOM style. IE alternating agents based off speed with opportunity fire.

Sadly no. No Destructable environment, and the only power like that is the swing line. Its more limited in that area for sure! Also custimizing your powersets is COMPLETELY UNintuituve!

It does have some other interesting items of interest though

cutscenes/comic panels integrate your character well

Some cute humor

branching dialogue, but no skill best dialogue choices.

advanced mission prep for some missions

If you are missing a single player XCOM like create your own superhero game with some depth, party and power management…well this is the only game in town for almost 2 decades lol,