September 2011 NPD

Link to Matt’s (as always) excellent article:

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Yeah another excellent job Matt!
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Great article, yes. One thing I think is slightly off-target is the focus on hardware revenue numbers, though. Sure, they’ve declined – but if unit sales are constant or up (which is true for both the PS3/360) while profit is constant or up (probably true for all consoles, definitely for the PS3/360), then what’s really down? Just the cost of manufacturing, with the savings passed on to the customer. That’s not really a decline in any meaningful sense.

FUCKING YAY that DX:HR did well out of the gate! God, I hope they do another. My GOTY thus far.

None of the games I like are ever on lists like this =(

Joke post?

It’s Foxstab, everything he says is a joke, but not in a funny way.

Usual bit of analyst goofy guesses between MW3 and Battlefield 3, but I did find one tidbit relevant to this thread.

John Taylor, videogame analyst at Arcadia Research, believes these two games will cannibalize sales of other game releases this Christmas.

“They will take all the air out of the room, except for Batman, Skyrim and maybe Assassin’s Creed Revelations,” said Taylore. “One retailer offered about 160 properties last year from October to December, but this year they are cutting that back to about 90. Retailers are showing real caution on all but the five ‘sure bets’. Even Gears of War 3 sales disappointed at least one major retailer.”

WTH? They did over 3 million in sell-through for the first week. Was that retailer just miffed about someone else having higher sales?

For Deus Ex?

3724 Seeders and 1622 Leechers as of this post.

The industry and retail now think in terms of Call of Duty numbers. On that standard, just about everything is disappointing.

Well, at least for this month that’s probably a good thing. That list is depressing.