September 23: wallet threat level Wang

Title September 23: wallet threat level Wang
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When September 23, 2013

The threat to your wallet this week isn't that Shadow Warrior is a remake of 3D Realms' 1997 crass "Who wants some Wang?" Asian take on Duke Nukem..

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I'm so happy to hear that Shadow Warrior lives up to the promise of Flying Wild Hog's debut. Their in-house engine is gorgeous! Will you be reviewing it?

Absolutely. I'm downloading a review copy now and putting GTA V on hold to spend some time with it!

Is Hard Reset worth playing then? What little marketing I saw was awfully underwhelming at its release. Something along the lines of "we made a game, buy it" as if they are some kind of unique snowflake and I should be honored to give them my money.

I can't speak to the marketing, but the game itself is really nice as far as sci-fi corridor shooters go. Slick futuristic settings, cool weapon upgrades, and a hearty appreciation for shooter mayhem. I'd definitely recommend Hard Reset.

Hard Reset looks nice, but lacks the combat variety and enemy interactions of Doom, the interesting level design of Blood, Duke Nukem or Doom, the wide open arenas, number of enemies and frantic Robotron stylings of Serious Sam, and the sense of speed and maneuverability of all of them. Like Painkiller, it's a game that wanted to be an old style FPS game without actually knowing what an old style FPS was.