September games

It seems like a lot of good games are coming out in late August and then all through September. Mario Sunshine will start things off (well, if you don’t count all the football games, which should be great) for video games. Then (in no order) Robotech, Mystic Heroes, Super Monkey Ball 2, and many others! For the PC, I expect a lot from Battlefield 1942.

I have left a lot of games off, intentionally. But those are the games I am looking forward to in the next month. They should all be good, I think. What is everyone else looking forward to in this, apparently, fecund month?

On the Xbox side I’m looking forward (tentatively) to Dead to Rights and Sega Soccer Slam next week, then Quantum Redshift and Sega GT 2002. in September. There are a few other releases that have the outside possibility of turning out decent (Buffy, LotR), but I’m sure that a couple of those first four will be enough for my bank account.

The 1942 demo was pretty rotten, which really bums me out. I’m getting sick of MOHAA, and this seems to be the ticket, at least in conept. Has anyone played a later release than the demo? Is it looking better? As in decent sound effects and more solid graphics? And less bugs!

I have heard similar things about 1942, which is sad. I haven’t had a chance to play the demo yet, but hopefully those problems will be fixed.

Dead to Rights is also going to be on the PS2, with some extra content, so I am looking forward to that (I don’t have an XBox yet, since there aren’t enough exclusives that I want yet). I actually like the looks of Buffy, which might cause me to pick up an XBox, but it will have to be pretty good.

I am also looking forward to Dynasty Tactics, which is coming along quite nicely so far!

Extra content for PS2 version? Hmmm…maybe I’ll just rent the Xbox one then.

BF1942 rocks my world. The ‘demo’ is full of bugs because it was originally a leaked early to mid beta, EA saw the (good) response to it, and decided to capitalize on it. (At least that’s what I heard.) Sure, the bot AI leaves something to be desired, but the WW2 ambiance rocks bigtime. We’ll know more tomorrow, when the MP demo comes out, but this is one title I’ll be buying, no questions asked.


The demo is being released tomorrow? That’s good news. Since this is really a multiplayer game, a multiplayer demo should show what it’s all about!

Another game I forgot on the console side is Kingdom Hearts. I am looking forward to that one.

I don’t know, I’m gonna ask a lot of questions before I pick it up. The demo is junk compared to how good MOHAA’s demo was. I did hear about it being just an early beta though, so I have some hopes. I’m looking forward to the multi demo as well to see fi there are some fixes.

Dead to Rights: Meh. Tries to be “cool,” has seems kind of cookie-cutter to me. I’ll rent it.

Starting in about a week or two, the gaming gets really good. I’ll be picking up Mario Sunshine and Super Monkey Ball 2 for sure, though I’m disappointed that they say SMB2 is even HARDER than SMB was. What, people thought the first was too easy?

I’m really looking forward to Sega GT 2002. Not only do the graphics look friggin’ amazing, but I just totally dig that style of race game.

I missed Sega Soccer Slam on the Gamecube, mostly because I don’t have buddies to play with and it’s mostly a great multiplayer game. But I heard somewhere that the Xbox version has additional teams or something, and I think I just can’t pass it up this time.

Is anyone looking forward to Buffy? I admit I’m curious, though I won’t buy it. I’ll rent it for sure. I’m not a Buffy fan in the least (Angel, on the other hand, is a great show), but the game seems interesting.

Onimusha 2 for the PS2 is another rental. So is Turok: Evolution.

Then September is full of goodies: Fishtank’s Cthulu game, Sims Unleashed, MOO3 maybe, UT2003 maybe, the aformentioned SegaGT 2002, Robotech, Kingdom Hearts, Gungrave, and Star Fox Adventures.

On the GameBoy Advance: Defender of the Crown (great idea for a GBA game!), Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance, and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.

And that’s just the stuff I plan to buy or rent… there are others like Icewind Dale 2 and Mafia and stuff…

The releases are really starting to pick up, across all platforms. PC remains relatively weak until late Sept or early Oct.

Last I heard they lost their publisher (the hilariously named Ravensberger) and now nobody seems to be able to get in touch with Fishtank. I sort of assumed the game was lying at the bottom of the ocean dreaming, y’know, until the stars are right or something.

There’s a really good impression of G’n’G Remix on Tokyopia.


Dave, did you see that Ikaruga is being released worldwide for the Gamecube? At first I was going to import the DC version anyway, but now I might wait. There are so many games coming out in the next few months that I probably won’t miss it. And besides, extras and not having to do any tricks to play imported games…

Yeah, I saw the news. It’s pretty cool that Infogrames is willing to pick it up. They’re apparently going to publish under the Atari label when it’s ready next Spring. I’d say I can wait, but I can’t. I want the DC version. There are a lot of cool games coming in the next couple months but I can rent the ones from the US, I can’t rent Ikaruga and I really want to play it next month and not six months from now.

With shooters, who knows what will happen either. What if it never makes it out of Japan? I’m still going to smack down the $60 plus shipping. It’s only ten dollars more than a normal game price. I’ll have it far in advance of the Gamecube release and if the GC one really does come out here and it’s got all sorts of new features, I’ll buy that one too. :-)

As someone who looked at Radiant Silvergun for Saturn again and again and just never plunked down the cash when it was $60 new, I’m not going to get burned again.


We just got our Xbox last night (joint effort between my son and I) and of course Halo. I will definitely pick up Rallisport Challenge when I get a chance and Sega GT 2002 looks like it will be great. Any other racers or games people would recommend either to rent or buy?

– Xaroc

Definitely get Project Gotham Racing. It’s different (street racing with a clever system for encouraging hotshot driving), but also very, very good.

I second Ben’s suggestion for PGR. I found it a lot more addictive than Rallisport for sure. There’s something about the physics and control balance that they got just right.

The Cthulu game: I was just looking at Gone Gold, but I guess it’s out of date.

Might as well wait for PGR2 at this point, guys.

I agree that the “Kudos” system fills a much-needed gap in the racing game genre. They’ve always had this problem: when you race head to head, once one guy pulls ahead or the other guy makes a significant mistake, and it’s game over. Assuming the two players aren’t perfectly matched in skill, which is unlikely, it’s pretty boring for one of the players. You’re just waiting to drag your sorry ass over the finish line at that point.

But if you’re racing for kudos, then position doesn’t matter as much-- pull off those trick combos. It’s like Tony Hawk, but with cars!

This is the last thing I read about the Call of Cthulhu Game (stolen from Gamespot). Crapola. I sure hope this doesn’t mean the death of the game.

Publisher Fishtank Interactive rebuffs UK developer Headfirst Productions’ claim that the publishing contract for the upcoming horror game has been terminated.

Ravensburger Interactive Media, the parent company of game publisher Fishtank Interactive, released a statement today that says that the agreement between Ravensburger and UK developer Headfirst Interactive concerning the upcoming horror action game Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth has not been validly terminated by Headfirst and is still considered valid by the publisher. The statement was made in reaction to an announcement earlier this month made by Headfirst that stated the developer had terminated the publishing agreement due to breach of contract by Ravensburger.

Ravensburger also said that it will take legal action against any unauthorized assignment of the rights held by Ravensburger Interactive Media. This statement may indicate that the disagreement between the companies could end up in court. We’ll post more information about the situation as it becomes available.

Yeah Jayson,
I’ve been trying to interview Fishtank since then, but have gotten only silence. That isn’t unusual if there’s a court case pending, but typically I should expect at least a “The game will still come out!”

In R’leyeh dead Cthulhu lies dreaming.

BTW, Medieval Total War comes out tommorrow. Looks pretty good. You should all get it. Because it looks good!