Doing well so far at Rotten Tomatoes. Which is good.

Then again, none of the heavies have weighed in yet. Keep fingers crossed.

Yeah, reviews counted is at six.

If I had really wanted, I could have gotten tickets to see a screening of Serenity this Wednesday to be held along the streets of an old west town outside of Austin, with the actresses who play River and Kaylee on-hand for a Q/A session afterwards.

But I’m busy that night. :(

Goddammit! Someone from QT3 better be there to represent…

Christ, man, cancel your plans. Whatever they are.

We’re not mad at you Roger, we’re just disappointed.

I’d like to go to a screening with Ron Glass. We could ask him to tell stories about Barney Miller and 227. And Sanford and Son. But not Voyager.

Definitely waiver list material.

My days of living vicariously through Roger’s stripper stories are certainly coming to a middle.

Man, and Kaylee was the ugly one!


p.s. I hope it does well, but I can’t see it making a dent in people who aren’t fans of the show. Also, pleasepleaseplease maintain the good physics and no-sound of space, KTHX.

Id hit it. A lot.

Hey, I’m still mackin’. It’s just that my corporate masters demanded a sacrifice.

Just for you, here’s something recent from the Vicarious Livin’ Dept: a screenshot from an honest-to-god IM session I had with the girl-I-used-to-have-a-crush-on-in-highschool. I sent her an mp3 and was trying to help her find where MSN Messenger had stored it…

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

In retrospect, it’s probably a blessing that Hurricane Rita prevented her and 3 other of her girl friends from flying in last week to spend the weekend with me at the 2005 ACL music festival. I didn’t have to deal with an attractive woman from my past claiming dibs on me in front of my girlfriend. Now I get to put that off until next year.

Fucking bastard… ;)

My days of living vicariously through Roger’s stripper stories are certainly coming to a middle.[/quote]

Do you mind, SK? Your dour killjoy platitudes are borking my groove over here. I mean, I thought Ben just told Roger to “Cancel his pants” and I think I’m gonna.

It’s times like this that I wish I could use mind control, Roger.

Take your camera - take lots of photos
Use your charm - get her to pose tastefully nude
Upload them them - to the internet.

Photoshop time! What does Roger say next, kids?

His wife was my 8-grade English teacher.

With a bat, right?

i didnt want to use an img tag, because it’s a big picture that breaks word-wrapping.

yet, when i tried to just put the URL in there as is, phpbb2 mangled the URL because of the paranthesis in the URL. so i tried to encompass the link within URL tags to preserve it in its entirety. which did not work. but by that time, i got fed up with the whole thing, and left it as is.

so, uh, yeah, i was being considerate by not posting a wide image. which was moot, seeing as how you’ve gone and broken the word wrapping already.


Who the hell ever said that? Crazy people. I always thought she was the cutest. She wasn’t the sexiest, but I don’t really give a shit about that anyway.

It’s 503 pixels wide. Where are you posting from? 1995?

I was lucky enough to see a screening of Serenity a couple of weeks back, and it blew me away. Exceeded my already high expectations by a mile. I can’t wait a few more days to see it again, several more times, dragging EVERY LIVING PERSON I KNOW with me.

It’s that fucking good…