Series3 HD TIVO -- worth it?

So now that I have my sweet HDTV setup, all my SD shows look like crap. I currently have a modified Series 2 TiVO that I love – in general, when given the choice of “better image or keep my TiVO?” the second option always wins.

But with the S3 HD TiVO this may not be mutually exclusive. I’m reading mixed reports on how well it works, but apparently with Comcast it’s fairly painless.

So, any Comcast/S3 TiVO users here that can offer feedback? I’m loathe to spend that amount of money on it, especially if it will be problematic. I’m also reluctant to give up my lifetime subscription to do the transfer, but if the image difference is worth it I’ll have to reconsider that stance.

Yes, I love mine. Had it since they were released. Well worth the money.