Serious Sam 3

Just a quick note to let all Serious Sam fans know that Serious Sam 3: BFE is coming this summer 2011.

Official annoncement will be released soon.

Roman Ribaric

Yea or nay?

If it’s like Serious Sam 2, then nay.

If it’s a return to the style and pacing of the originals, then hell yay.

I lean more toward yea than nay, though I’ve only ever played Serious Sam in co-op and that’s how I’d play SS3.

Serious Sam 2 still has the most incomprehensible story of any shooter I’ve played. After pretty much every cutscene there was this silent pause where we were both thinking “…okay…” as we puzzled over what, exactly, we’d just been shown. Fortunately the story is completely irrelevant in these games.

My only request is no more Kleer, thx!

Cue “Serious Sam 3: BFD?” headlines.

Loved First and Second Encounter. Heard so much negativity about 2 that I never even bothered with it.

I’m pretty sure Second Encounter was part 2.

Second Encounter (released in 2002) is a distinct game from Serious Sam 2 (released in 2005).

I didn’t even know there was a Serious Sam 2!

Wow… I too thought they were the same game. I guess I need to find a copy of SS2 somewhere.

Whatever, I hope SS3 is very, very similar to FE. SE was mostly fantastic, but it went totally overboard with the platforming - not that those bits weren’t pretty good, they just made for some really weird pacing.

For your sake, continue believing there isn’t.

My only request is bring back the kamikaze headless guys so they don’t have a stupid smiley-face bomb for a head any more.

For those thinking about checking out Serious Sam 2, please check out the demo first. It’s much worse than you think.

I cannot agree with this statement enough. Serious Sam First and Second Encounter were some of the best times I’ve had in a coop FPS. SS2 made me completely lose interest in the series and in the developer. The demo tells you everything you need to know about the game. It does not get better or open up or magically become funny. It’s just bad.

I too own all of them and agree completely with the feelings toward Serious Sam 2. Just buy SS:SE HD and be happy.

Croteam said SS 3 would be a return to the roots, so you don’t need to worry about it looking like SS 2.

Right now I’m interested how much the game engine has changed since last year. The tech demo they’ve shown looks a step above the version used in the HD games. It’s much more polished and detailed.

As for The Second Encounter, that was the second episode of SS 1 (The First Encounter being the first, obviously). :)

I’m tempted to re-install SS2 just to check it out again. I don’t remember it being as incredibly awful as everyone here is making it out to be. Maybe playing it co-op made it more tolerable.

Serious Sam 2 is the Highlander 2 of games. It never happened.

I loved the first two, and am currently playing through the HD versions. I tried the SS2 demo when it came out and it was everything SS wasn’t. An aerial map, small spaces, a handful of enemy at a time. No idea if the full game had the wide open vistas and armies of enemies of the first, I didn’t check it out.

Devolver Digital

The first Serious Sam 3 screens are coming Monday. Check the Serious Sam Facebook page Sunday night for a sample:

I loved Croteam back in the Quake days when they were the spunky up-and-comers and Levelord was shilling them all over the place and then, boom, they dropped Serious Sam and it was great! Fast foward 10 years and we’re looking at an announcement for Serious Sam 3. shrug

I loved Valve back in the Quake days when they were the spunky up-and-comers and Levelord was shilling them all over the place and then, boom, they dropped Half-Life and it was great! Fast forward 10 years and we’re looking for an announcement for Episode 3. shrug

I have no idea what point either of us made there.

Zylon: You’re not thick, so you’re just not trying to understand.

If you did, you’d see the ludicrousness of comparing a company who had a great debut and have done fuck all else since except return to the well with diminishing returns and a company who’ve been enormously successful both commercially and critically with every one of their varied releases since, and generally one of the clear architects in PC Gaming.