Seriously Annoying DVD drive problem

This just started after I got Civ4 when, during the installation, when prompted to insert the second CD the drive refused to eject the first CD. Now, by pure fluke that worked (I didn’t change anything) and I figured it must have been bad luck or the game’s fault. But now I have F.E.A.R and its doing the same thing. When asked to put in the second install disc, the drive won’t eject the first one!

I’ve got, I think, an NEC DVD-RW drive and it has worked fine up until now. Any ideas or is there more technical information I need to give?

EDIT: I should add, that with FEAR, the autorun feature didn’t work either. I just get a white square where I assume the menu will appear.

Is it an NEC ND-3520AW?

Update the firmware for the short-term, buy a new dvd drive for the long term. That drive for sure, and a few other NEC DVD-RW drives are the biggest pieces of crap I have ever attached to a PC. Rebooting so your DVD drive will read a CD is no fun.


I don’t think there is an AW in the title, but dammit, it is an ND-3450A. I did find the firmware, but I wasn’t sure if it was a smart thing to get, mostly because I have no idea what it actually does.

But man, I got this computer from Dell a year ago, and you are telling me the drive may be fucked already?

Yes. Dell will probably replace it.

Well if thats the case, they ill have a talk with Dell as soon as possible, and in the mean time I’ll just star at this FEAR box and play Mario Kart DS (Man, I love Christmas).

Ok, last post in here. I installed the flash firmware and that seemed to fix the problem. FEAR installed no problem and it seems like this are good, but I’ll definitely keep my eye on this DVD drive. My warranty with Dell is for four years, so I figure I have a pretty good window to work with.