Seriously? Wheel of Time Movies?

Weird timing; the day that HBO says it greenlit the Game of Thrones pilot there’s this…

While I’ve always thought a WoT game would be cool, I really doubt this will be anything but disappointing. Also, unless they change a lot of stuff, these movies are going to be rated whatever is above R.

This sounds extremely speculative. A movie studio that’s never made a movie and a game studio that’s never made a game. I’ve always found those books to be borderline unreadable, but I guess it must be still a valuable license.

Can somebody explain to me how The Wheel of Time is an “edgy ‘Lord of the Rings’ meets ‘Road Warrior’ blend of fantasy and sci-fi?”

There was a Wheel Of Time game - a first-person shooter in the original Unreal engine, if I’m not mistaken.


So far as I can recall, WoT had imagery slightly less scary than an RL Stein book, little to no cursing and sexual content of a maturity equivalent to an 11 year old’s wet dream.

Or does intense braid tugging really get the MPAA in an uproar these days?

And it was utter shite.

I didn’t play it long enough to formulate an opinion, but I thought it got good reviews?

For extreme violence?

I don’t remember it clearly enough to have any unshakeable opinions about the game or how it played, but I do remember really enjoying it. And it looked great for its time.

braids hair

admires dirt’s calves

Nah. It was a great game that used the Unreal engine pretty early into it’s lifecycle. That already gave it a leg up but the developers really made a pretty game with some phenomenal architecture.

What turned alot of people off is it wasn’t a RPG. It was a shooter and took a lot of liberties with the books. It was also really difficult at certain points.

The level with the mist-type-thing is still one of the more tense levels I’ve played.

Yeah, they turned WOT into a shooter. The Aes Sedai powers were basically magical bullets. It was a good-looking game, but it had very little resemblance to the books, outside of the locations.

More importantly, they turned it into a BAD shooter. The level design was dull, the combat was dull, the cutscenes were mind-numbingly dull, the music was… competent, but inappropriate for combat, and out of the several dozen spells they gave you, only about four or five of them were consistently useful.

It’s an all-around awkwardly designed game that doesn’t really know what it wants to be.

Or maybe they turned it into an above-average shooter.

Anyone who thinks it won’t be R: realize that the scenes with Mat and that queen lady are more R than an “11 year old’s wet dream” (he has to pull his pants back on as his officers walk into the room in one scene), and you also need to go back read the part where the Asha’men fucking obliterate the Aiel in waves of thousands by turning them inside out. There is also a good deal of naked women being beaten and humiliated in a few books.

EDIT: Oh yeah saw the WoT game a while ago, are you serious? Everything about WoT screams “I’m an RPG!”, and they made a(n) (apparently bad) shooter.

That whole WoT game was EpicBoy’s fault.

Can’t have a WoT thread without the gif from SA:

Probably the most brutal PvP MUD I ever played was based on WoT (circa '95 or so). I didn’t much like the books then either, but it was a decent backdrop for some faction based hack and slash.

Yes, you’re right. Robert Jordan did have an almost embarrassingly juvenile approach to sexuality.

From your posts I almost get the impression that you thought these books were good.