Seriously? Wheel of Time Movies?

So utter shite that several publications named it game of the year, in fact. I thought it was good for what it was. Multiplayer was a lot of fun.

The action parts are good and the setting/characters/factions are good (the entire basis of the Seanchan is just so cool IMO, as is an army of men trained in physical and psychic warfare), but the sex/nekkid parts are just unnecessary. That’s not really the point though, the point is unless the books get nerfed it will be “R” or higher.

Define average.

WoT was the first multi-player PC game I really got into, and I loved it. Flinging fireballs around…freezing people in place then bale-firing them into nothingness, catching a group of players standing in water with your chain lightning spell - all fantastic stuff. I was good enough to destroy most casual players, but most offensive spells had their defensive counterparts, so being really good was all about strategy and counters. The game’s CTF mode was interesting as well, there was a period of time before the match started where you could edit in traps/walls/etc to protect your flags(seals). It never took off sales-wise, however, and people like to blame that on the release proximity to Unreal Tournament. There’s still a small contingent of people playing I think.

Site like those sort of mess things up because some reviewers use the 789 scale, some use the whole spectrum, and some use a 5-star scale that doesn’t really correlate to the other methods. CGW gave WoT a 3.5/5, they said it was 70, but that really isn’t a 70 (at least I don’t think it is).

80+ seems to be considered downright classic in some quarters.

Edit: Y’know, I have no idea why I’m defending this game 'cept that Zylon’s crazily passionate hatred of random things brings out the contentious prick in me. I do remember that this game got good reviews, but I never played much more of it than the demo. I know plenty of people who said the singleplayer was nothing special, but that the multiplayer was actually pretty great. All I know is that the series it’s based on is garbage. And for the guy who said WoT should be an RPG.

I seem to remember there was a slightly worrying theme of spanking as punishment throughout the series. To women of course. Pretty women, generally.


I actually think this is a good fit. If you cut through the filler (like 70% of many of the books) and the women’s clothing fetishes and such, there’s some good stuff in there that would likely be just about movie-size.

The WoT game was one of my favorites that year. Great level design, great music, interesting and, if I don’t mind saying so, superior fantasy shooter to anything Raven ever produced.

God, I pity the person with that job. So…much…filler.

I’m not a big fan of Extruded Fantasy Product of the Feist’s and Edding’s and Goodkind’s and etc etc. But Jordan always seemed to me (from what I’ve read…basically the first three books plus about 200 pages of the fourth) to be a guy with a lot of talent who had some unfortunate fixations and an inability to ever satisfactorily resolve any of his many plot threads and sub-threads. By book four I started to realize that the author really didn’t have any plan for this story and quit reading.

Too bad, because he could definitely write…which is more than can be said for most of his peers.

I’m not sure about the last part since I loved the old Raven games but otherwise I agree, an excellent and very memorable game. Of course I never read the Wheel of Time books so I don’t care one bit whether the translation was faithful or not.

Jordan’s first book had very little tugging of braids, smoothing of hems and descriptions of embroidery. It wasn’t until his later books (Book 4 and beyond) that they became unbearable, with even the most minor of characters being given elaborate descriptions. They wouldn’t last past a single chapter.

From all accounts, it was his wife’s fault, or influence that created them. He also seemed to be piping much of his wife’s personality (which one can only assume is annoying) into each and every single female character that behaved like a complete and utter man-hater. Falco or whatever her name is, the girlfriend of the bear guy (Thorin? I forget. The big guy. Not the thief guy or Rand) was probably the worst character in the first 3 books, next to the Aes Sedai woman with the Japanese samurai bodyguard that escorts Rand and his buddies out of the sleepy village of Candlekeep, away from the horde of Bloody Sun Boyz that descend upon the place.

And then there was also the BDSM stuff with Egwene getting bound and abused by some female dominatrixes from China who keep Aes Sedai girls (all of whom are beauties, of course) as slaves, though sex is merely implied but never mentioned. Then there was also the bit where she gets her face kicked by some Whitecloak/Knights Templar wannabe while they’re all taken captive in the 2nd book.

At the end of every book, Rand kills the bad guy who turns out to be a mere shade of the real bad guy. Supposedly, his destiny like the destiny of any male sedai is to go mad but the Japanese samurai guy finds a cure in the 7th book so he never goes mad.

All the male characters are wooden caricatures apart from Matt, and all the female characters are variations of the same annoying wife of Robert Jordan’s. And also, Rand has a threesome with his three favorite female characters (Egwene, the princess girl and the barbarian/druidic girl, I think) in a juvenile dream in the 3rd book. I think it happens again in the 4th book and probably a bunch of times later, too. But I can’t recall them beyond the constant braid tugging.

Hrm… Maybe I wasn’t playing the same game… and It was some sort of mod… I dunno.

Also… the book series is very so-so, and won’t be easy to translate into film.

I have read 3.5 of the books.

His writing style is so slow and boring. And all of the characters whine all of the time.

Dexter the books are extremely mediocre, but Dexter the TV series is awesome. If they just stick to the general concept of the books and rewrite the specifics, they could pull it off. Because otherwise… there’s just no way. It would take two seasons to cover the first book, and from what I remember, all that happened is they traveled from one part of the land to another and bitched at each other the entire time.

Hey, we tried real hard with that Wheel of Time game! I think it just wasn’t what people wanted at the time. We came out face to face with UT and Quake3 so that was sort of the end of that. People wanted to shoot rocket launchers not cast spells and counter spells - which was a shame because an intense game of WoT is something I have yet to see matched in terms of intensity. We had some killer battles during development.

Oh well…

The multiplayer in the WoT game was incredible. I still haven’t found another game like it in all these years.

My favorite things:

-Killing people with Whirlwind by dropping them to their death
-Killing people with Switch Position with a well-timed jump into lava
-Insane spell/counter-spell battles between two good players who’ve each amassed a large selection of spells. These fights could truly become epic and were often a pitched battle running throughout the entire level (due to the nature of the seeking spells).
-Switching Position with a newbie in the middle of an aforementioned pitched battle and watching them gib when a dozen hyperspeed seekers come barreling towards them.

And my #1 favorite thing:
-Killing people with Switch Position who are trying to kill you with Whirlwind