Server change tonight 8-27-03

From Chet in another thead, in case you missed it:

Tonight Sept 27/28 around midnight, we will be moving QT3 to a new server. The site will be down for approx 1 hour. Once finished the site will have a new ipaddress. You may have to reboot your pc to clear the cache to see the new site correctly, if your isp caches dns, it may take 12 hours to resolve correctly for you.


Any chance someone could post the new IP before the changeover?

Unless you adding it into your host file - it would not make a difference. It is a shared hosting enviroment so other servers on the server itself and non resolve to the ip address.

Hi Ya,

Everything has been moved and response time during the heavy periods during the day should improve. Let me know about any issues by either posting in this thread if you can, or if not mailing me at support @


Ya, which I did, after using nslookup on the web to find the new ip. (RoadRunner is pretty slow to replace the cached values…)


[edit] It works [/edit]