Server Logs: Search Strings

What are search strings? I just discovered the logs on my hosted domain. Pretty neat stuff. I can see that most of the traffic that hit my site during the month of April cames between the hours of 1 and 2am or 1pm.

Search strings has me confused. These are strings people use to find my site? The top search string for is… Tim Elhajj. That’s not too suprising. “my teacher had sex” (without the quotes) does seem a little shocking. Do I just not understand how this works?

It’s not that shocking.

Also, yeah, those are the search strings that people use to find your site. In this case they probably did use the quotes, even though they may not have shown up in your logs.

Edit - just wanted to say that I read that article and it’s fantastic.

Search logs are always weird/borderline disturbing reading. I think my favourite on my site this month is ‘aaaah horse shit !!!’

Although what’s really scary is how many people are (apparently - every attempted comment has screamed viral marketing, so I deleted the buggers wholesale) looking for info on that ghastly Stay Alive movie. I could weep. In fact, I think I will.

Ha! I completely forgot I wrote that. NOt sure what’s funnier: people searching for that exact string, or me forgetting I had written those very words earlier this month. Too funny.

Thanks for the explanation, dermot!

I wept for girls everywhere the day poe became #1 for “how to use a tampon”.