Service announcement for our European readers

The PlayStation 2 game Dark Cloud 2, which is great, has been released in Europe about a month ago. However, the Euro version is called Dark Chronicle for unknown reasons. So go out and get that.

Thank you for your attention, we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

In the UK it’s subtitled Dark Cloud 2. DC1 was supposed to be shit, so can I get away with playing DC2 and skipping the first game entirely?

Guess so, I never played DC1 (was already sold out everywhere when I first heard about it) and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. The story doesn’t seem to rely on the first part much or at all.

Interesting that you should say it’s subtitled DC2 in the UK, by the way. I actually have the British version (imported via and I don’t see the words “Dark Cloud” anywhere – neither on the box nor in the manual, the game, or on the Amazon website (back when I ordered it). Maybe they added them now.

DC1 wasn’t very good, and like the final fantasies, the plots have little to do with each other. So feel free just to play the second one.

I could well be mistaken. I recall seeing the dummy boxes in Virgin a couple of weeks before it released and could swear it said Dark Cloud 2 on it, although it might have been the descriptive sign attached to the shelf, not the game box.

Wasn’t Dark Chroncile also the name of the Japanese version? I’m pretty sure it was something different than Dark Cloud 2.

I’d like to register a warning - it’s effectively a really easy fighting game. Nothing you do in the way of upgrades or weapon choices matters a whit.

Jason is a communist, just so you know. The game is by no means “really easy”, it’s merely moderately easy which is something I like because I’m too much of a wimp to play any game that a 7 year old couldn’t beat. Actually I had to replay a couple of levels in both dungeons I’ve visited so far (sewers and forest).

And weapon choices and upgrades matter quite definitely – try killing a skeleton warrior with a weapon that has an Exorcism of zero, then upgrade Exorcism to 6 or so, then get back to me. Or try beating any of the big guys (trees, robots) without switching to the Ridepod.

Try a rental first btw- I bought on word of mouth and while I can see a good game in there, the interface and menus are madness.


Specifically, I meant the upgrade path for weapons doesn’t matter much. It all ends up at the same thing.

How do you mean? Max has 3 different final-upgrade melee weapons and 3 guns. Monica has a billion different swords that pare down to a few final-upgrade versions, and 2 different final armbands.

Each of these final weapons has different attack patterns, speeds, and #-hit combos.

And it doesn’t matter for shit. The game is really easy - you can fool around obsessing with upgrades all you want, but the game degenerates into “run forward, his stuff.”

Except when you’re building the Georama, gathering photos, inventing items, crafting items, catching, breeding and racing fish and playing Spheda, right? :)

Don’t listen to Jason. He’s a Communist and a transvestite. And this game needs more than a rental to fully appreciate what it’s doing. You don’t really unlock its full charm until plowing through a couple of hours of exposition and intro dungeons.

IMO, the Games Domain review is right on!


See, that’s another thing. You can’t just play Spheda - you have to clear a level for every goddamn try.