Service Host Diagnostic Policy Service using a lot of memory

Lately I’ve noticed that some games start running sluggishly so I looked at task manager. The Service Host Diagnostic Policy Service is using up a lot of memory and somewhat high CPU. It’s usually around 15% CPU constantly and memory usage keeps ticking up, even after a fresh reboot. I rebooted 15 minutes ago and it’s already almost to a GB of usage.

Anyone have that happen to them or have suggestions how to fix? I ran the windows tool that checks components and it didn’t find any errors.

Do you have any errors in event log occurring at the same time that might be related?

I see many mentions of out-of-control DPS being related to corruption of the files in C:\Windows\system32\sru. Maybe stop the service, clean out that folder and restart it?

The folder had over 20K small log files, and the .dat file was large (10 GB). I couldn’t stop the service because it didn’t respond, but I deleted all the log files I could and rebooted.Everything seems fine now. Thanks!