Servo: Sci-fi RTS from Age of Empires creators

Several of the core Age of Empires creators are teaming up with Stardock to create a new kind of sci-fi real-time strategy game. Servo is being revealed at GDC and on the web on March 2nd, and we are stoked to get this in front of RTS fans of all stripes.

Concept art today, full reveal on Monday: [U][/U]

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So excited to launch Servo!

(For those who don’t know I work at Stardock these days)

Very cool. Stardock is involved in way too many projects I want to spend money on. Stop that. I need money for other things, like food, and also food.

There’s one more big game announcement coming up a week or so from today that involves the Oxide team.

We’re really excited to unveil Servo next week. The BonusXP team has come up with something really special.

The one thing I want to know is peons and micromanagement. Kohan ruined the concept of peons for me.

I have to be careful about this…but this is more like Kohan in that sense. I think once people see the game’s general concept that elements of it will find their way into other RTSs (or even MOBAs) because they’re obvious – in hindsight.

Even from a single player perspective, the game’s design lends itself to having a much more enjoyable skirmish mode than what you’d normally have in an RTS.

I suspect the “gimmick” of the game is the city which will be fully destructible. /bets off

Don’t be selfish you could get by with only one food. Alright, maybe one and half foods.

Also excited by the many upcoming Stardock games.


I dig Servo

It takes a lot if work (read: food) to maintain my girlish figure!

Interested to hear the details! Stardock is involved in a lot of high-interest titles for me.

I assume the official QT3 review will be titled “Tom: Servo”.

And by assume I mean insist.

All of 'em.

This is timely news for me.
I missed most of Ensemble’s RTS games the first time around (I was too busy with C&C, TA, and the Blizzard-Craft games to try AoE), but I always wanted to play AoE2 because the walls and knights looked cool.

Just recently I’ve been playing the Enhanced Edition of Age of Mythology (based in part on Troy’s adoration of the original, as professed on the 3MA podcast), and it’s really gotten me in the mood for more RTS gaming.

It’s actually a bit of a love-hate relationship, since I’m not thrilled with the peon management and AoM:EE seems to have it in excess (and weird bugs, in MP at least, where my peons won’t do what they’re told or they won’t be smart and continue hunting, or they won’t defend themselves vs. predators, etc. etc.) The pathfinding and combat AI also leave a lot to be desired (units break formation at the beginning of a battle to go chasing after caravans/peasants, the heroes often charge enemy infantry while ignoring enemy myth units).

Despite all that micromanagement hassle, the units are a lot of fun. And I get to build walls. :D

And the reveal came today! :)

GDC announcement trailer:

Design your ideal team of giant war machines and use them to lead your far-future forces into glorious real-time battle in Servo, the next RTS from key elements of the Age of Empires creative team. The valuable but dangerous energy source known as Bloom has consumed Old Earth, and the remnants of humanity sail the stars in search of fame and fortune, or at least survival. When the way home unexpectedly reopens, though, the race is on to harvest the Bloom motherlode – and perhaps discover the next chapter in mankind’s destiny.

Designing your ideal team of giant war machines is only the first step in Servo. The parts you earn after every battle can be freely swapped on all your Servos between matches, opening up new strategies and team compositions with every game you play.

Even the strongest Servos need support. Whether in co-op, PvP, or single-player story mode, players need to control the Bloom nodes on the map, survive the predations of violent Bloomspawn, and construct the beacons, turrets, factories, and armories to give their Servos a strong economic foundation in battle.

Did you guys release news on two RTSes today? Servo and Ashes of the Singularity ?

Yes sir. :)


collapses in drool puddle

Between these two RTS games, Sorcerer King, and GalCiv 3, you guys are trying to take all my money.