Setting the Stage for the Roe V Wade fight

Honestly this is just kind of sad.,0,2291769.story%3Fcoll%3Dhc-headlines-nationworld

The measure, which passed the state Senate 23-12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman. The proposal still needs the signature of Republican Gov. Mike Rounds, who opposes abortion.

They dont even care about cases of rape or anything else. Its just fucked it really is. I guess we will see how this plays out but its very sad for a state to take it this far.

Not so sad, I’ll take hamhanded attempts to fistfuck my rights over gradual erosion anyday.

True that I guess… but I am not looking forward to hearing what is going to happen. I guess the idea is dont get your ass raped in SD cause they dont give a shit if you get the pregos!

In five years, when South Dakota starts jailing 13 year old rape victims for attempting to have abortions and awarding visitation rights to daddy, we’ll be here, saying things like I’ll take hamfisted attempts…

The extreme cases for abortion (rape, incest) are really among the weakest defenses for the practice that are put forward. It is unusual for those exceptions not to be included along with the saving the life of the mother schtick, tho. Like I needed another reason to hold flyover country in contempt.

And if you’re carrying a non-viable fetus that will be unable to survive outside of the womb then you’ll go through labor to kill it just like God intended. Amen.

This is one of those times where you should have quit while you were ahead.

I mean, it’s one thing succumb to provincial bigotry, and another thing to advertise that you’ve done so.

I guess they won’t be selling the morning after pill in Wall Drug.

So, how many days/weeks/months until we have a headline about a young mother-to-be that died as the result of infection because of an illegal backalley abortion?

Well the thing is like 10 people live in SD so it will prolly be a while.

Guess she wasn’t really a mother-to-be, this hypothetical corpse.

Greyhound stock just went up.

By the time you know it’s non-viable, wouldn’t you typically be required to go into labor for an abortion anyway? I’m not trying to be inflamatory, I’m just curious. The difference between delivering a fetus that’s been killed in the womb and one that will shortly die out of the womb seems negligible to me.

By the time you know it’s non-viable, wouldn’t you typically be required to go into labor for an abortion anyway? I’m not trying to be inflamatory, I’m just curious. The difference between delivering a fetus that’s been killed in the womb and one that will shortly die out of the womb seems negligible to me.

Anencephaly. Baby can survive normal term, but is born without a brain. Baby dies during birth, or, if there’s a small brain stem, may survive briefly after birth.

In the case of people who have had radiation therapy, they perform sonograms and tests far earlier than they do in healthy women to start determining if the fetus is damaged. Imagine the heartbreak of a young woman who finds out so early that the development of her fetus has gone terribly awry and that she’ll have to carry it for months know its fate because some fuckhead politicians didn’t give her situation a second thought when they passed their bill.

I’d like to note that this is not strictly a hypothetical. A woman in my thyroid cancer support group had an accidental pregnancy 3 months after radiation therapy and they chose to abort because the level of damage to the fetus was immense.

Sex it is:

As a big pro-choice person, I have absolutely no doubt that E.J. Dionne’s contention – namely that most forced childbirth forces actually “care” about “the taking of innocent life” – is a steaming load of nonsense. What they care about is punishing women for having sex. Because you never see them picketing outside in vitro fertilization clincs do you? And yet the end result is the same – creation of embryos that will only die. If life begins at conception, then in vitro fertilization is murder too. Period.

But it does lead to this other question that nags at me. When John M. Opitz of the University of Utah testified before the President’s council on Bioethics in 2003, he noted that between 60 and 80 percent of all naturally conceived embryos are simply flushed out in a woman’s normal menstrual cycle in the first 7 days after fertilization, and that women never even know that conception has taken place.

(As a side note, at the same meeting, Harvard government professor Michael Sandel, also a member of the Bioethics council, noted that “If the embryo loss that accompanies natural procreation were the moral equivalent of infant death, then pregnancy would have to be regarded as a public health crisis of epidemic proportions: Alleviating natural embryo loss would be a more urgent moral cause than abortion, in vitro fertilization, and stem-cell research combined.” Although I enjoy Dr. Sandel’s sense of humor and appreciate the presence of a smartass on the Bioethics council, I really do, let’s just chalk this one up to “God’s will” for the moment and proceed with the question at hand.)

Dude, Jason, you quote that as though it’s authoritative. “Sex it is”? It’s some lady’s opinion. If it’s your opinion, too, you could take the time to state it that way. You could even just make the argument she makes, rather than just quoting a block of text.

You don’t get up to 15,000 posts without doing a lot of cutting and pasting.

But it’s blatantly, blatantly just about sex for a decent sized demographic. Being the product of rape does not make you less than human nor is it legal to murder offspring from incest. There are people who don’t like women getting retroactive with birth control and their core reason is more or less that slutty bitches deserve their comeuppance.

I haven’t succumbed to shit. I’ve had South Dakota walk up to me and say, hey remember all those jokes that you heard about the Midwest? The way Marines from that area have a tendency to characterize the armpit of the South I live in now as “not that bad”? WE’RE THAT FUCKING BAD.

Or are we going to pretend that the sort of knuckledragging mongoloids that decided their state was going to be the launchpad for the Supreme Court case to hopefully criminalize abortion are some sort of protected minority that are invulnerable to my contempt?

If so, I want it accompanied with an affirmative action program that pulls their children out of the bubble long enough to realize that just because your state has 12 people in it doesn’t mean you can’t be a disgrace to the union.

If not, you can cry me a river. And for the record, it’s regional bigotry. Think big, wee man.

Too fucking right, LK.