Setting up a NAS box - In over my head

Thought I’ll chip in here.

We need to be mindful and take into account of the raid controller’s possible failure when setting up raid as well. I have seen it in production with End-of-line raid cards failing and scrambling to find replacement cards or restoring from tapes.

For most consumer hardware it may be safer to do raid 1 instead of 3 or 5 configurations because if your controller fails, it’s usually only possible to recover from an exact controller with the existing array of drives or risk losing your data. You don’t have that issue if you had done raid 1.

In raid 3,5 or their hybrids, the single point of failure is at the controller in terms of possible data loss.

I went through similar research and bought a 412+ in December. Consider how many devices will by using your nas at once. I don’t think it’d be an issue if mostly one at a time, but in my experience multiple concurrent access, time machine backups, running servers and etc can start to bog the box down. Don’t think I’d want to run a version with less muscle, though I am happy with ours for our usage scenario (2-4 clients at most times). Diego

4 clients simultaneously accessing the NAS isn’t a home-use scenario. I agree that for a small office you’re better off getting one of the higher-end models.