Setting up a P2P network

I have 4 computers in 4 different locations that I would like to be able to set up a P2P to connect some of the files. I was checking out WASTE but it says that its not very good for file sharing. So any thoughts on an easy way to get something like this set up?

Not sure exactly what you’re looking to do, but Unison reportedly does a darned good job of keeping files in disparate locations synced up.

I’ve heard good things about Qnext:

WASTE isn’t good at file sharing? What?

I dunno I did a google search and one of the links that came up talking about waste said it wasnt really all that good for filesharing. I havent used it so I dont know.

WASTE is a file-sharing application. Its main purpose is to share selected
files/directories to a private network.

Every user has a pair of encryption keys, and any new users need
to be accepted when they connect and broadcast their public keys.
Then it’s just a matter of browsing each user’s share and downloading.
It just works from then on. Setting a password is optional, and the
encryption might be overkill on a home system.

If you’re just sharing stuff between computers on a LAN, you could use
Windows filesharing or SAMBA if you block those ports from the Internet.
(I use SAMBA on the Linux workstation, and have separate network cards
on each computer for that purpose.)

WASTE is better if you need the occasional external access to multiple
computers at home, though. Low-tech and easy to use.

The reason you might say this is that Waste only lets you download files, not upload them… you might want to just set-up a VPN, that would be pretty simple :). I like to use Waste myself, but then again, I’m sharing files with other people not with my own computers.