Settlers II: 10th Anniversary - A real instruction book?

I picked this up recently based on a forum recommendation. Looks like exactly what I wanted.

One problem though, the instructions are some of the worst I have ever seen. No, they don’t match some of our Eastern European friends’ horrible translations, but they are basically not existent in terms of actually explaining the game. Even fundamentals are basically ignored, and the tutorials don’t do much to help.

I’ve tried googling around to find a faq, or something to help with this, but I don’t really see anything. This is surprising for a game that is supposedly so popular (here I am basically talking about Settlers II, which is what this game fundamentally is).

Is there anything out there to help me out? I mean, I’m trying to figure out why my scout isn’t going out there and exploring even when I build a road and send him out, etc. Basic, fundamental things.

Why does the release date for this say May 1st? =/

Because it hasn’t been released in the U.S. yet.


I know, it sucks. Gogamer has the Euro English version though.

This never came to our side of the pond and now I cannot find it on the Ubisoft UK site any longer. Damn. shows that they at least carry it and they are in Pasadena, CA. But be sure to call them first before ordering it.

I never know if these random sites are sketchy or not, but on your good word, I will give it a shot. :) Thanks Lorini.

I’m looking to get this too but is showing it out of stock.