Settlers of Catan: The Movie

Saw this over at The Onion A.V. Club earlier today, and it was just too funny not to share. Looks like they’re trying to get some of that Battleship money (was there any Battleship money?). Let’s start the over/under on how far into the movie the first “wood for sheep” joke is made!

It’s already been made. (Tabletop: Settlers of Catan)

In a world without bricks…

… there are no LEGOs.

All they really have to do is adapt the official Settlers of Catan novel.

I just can’t think of what the game brings to the screen or the movie brings to the game that makes any of this worth it at all. Oh, well. This is one of those situations that Tom always warns us about anyway, right? Where it’s just a property some producer has announced that’s waiting for a script and pretty much any piece of talent to be associated with it?