Settlers of Ganareth MMORPG

Is anybody on this forum having a look at this game or “beta”?

Settlers of Ganareth

My minor observations from watching the Dark and Light Forum, as well as my SoG Guild Forum and my short playing times are, that there are currently 3 different type of players:

[ul][a.) Those who still can not even enter the game and haven’t even spend a single second in the game.
b.) Those who manage to get it running once or twice, but keep getting errors, or crashing after a jsut a couple of minutes and/or lagging so badly that they can not even move nor do anything.
c.) Those who are able to play.[/ul]

a.) and b.) are not doing the game any good. The problems are huge, and they have locked a lot of players out of the game because of their bugs. I totally can understand when those are giving up because for them it still is just like launch day. Nothing is working (that is including me).

Those who are able to play (when a friend let me play on his computer) are divided into

[ul] 1.) “This game sucks!” - "The animations are ugly, the characters are ugly. The lag is terrible, … "
2.) “I cant kill anything, how do I do XY? How do I build a fortress? How do I call my pet. I want to grind but everything I see is camped!” - “I’m lost. Where are you guys, I dont know where I am!”
3.) The grinders, building their fortress, starting to PvP finding the boundaries of the world, rushing through “the game”.[/ul]

1.) Are mostly mistaking SoG with DnL, but to a certain extend they are right, the game is in a “horrible” state. There is close to no character customization, to help the players to identify themself with their character, the animations are very choppy but these also depend on the graphics engine you are using. People keep crashing and lagging bad depending on the amount of players and MOBs are close to them. The servers tend to go up and down.

2.) These are sometimes a bit annoying. They try to “rush” through it but never took the time to “read” anything about the game, nor try reading what is said in the skill trees in the game nor try to explore. The world is big and exploring seems to be one part of the game. But when you explore you can get lost, something they tend to forget. Or they compare this with other games they played, eg. “but in SWG …”, "but in WoW… " and "in EQ2 they had … ".

3.) The power gamers and the grinders, I dont know what they do that they are so fast, but they seem to get along. Their games runs pretty stable (astonishing when you keep in mind that some are not even able to get on the game) and they seem to like it.

There should be a number 4.) type of gamers, those who try to “enjoy” or “play” but they seem to be “a very silent minority”.

How do you perceive the start of Settlers of Ganareth?
Is such a start common/uncommen?
For those who are playing/trying to, what do you think about this game?
It’s potential “on paper” seems to be huge.
The Landscape and terrain engine, together with the weather effects and the option to fly in this game are awesome, but a launch of Dark and Light, the intended game, in April 2006?
Is that doable ?

Learn the teachings and rebuild civilization where 8,000 years of strife has utterly destroyed it to the ground

A dedicated game management team in 5 languages

1+.3+.6+.2+.8+.5+.6+.7+.3 = 5.

Maybe… or maybe the “whole” problem is that the team is “speaking” five “different languages,” and different “team” members can’t understand each other. For instance, maybe the guy in charge of letting players log in issued an order “to a” programmer, saying “let players log in,” but the programmer, who “only” speaks Czech, thought “he” said “make the game crash when players try to log in.”

Edit: added quotes.

I suppose that I am one of the “lucky” ones who got a key to SoG.

I am usually pretty objective and can weigh the pros and cons with any game. I really hate ranting, as it servers no real purpose but from what I have seen so far, the game is absolute “RUBBISH”.

Laggy, choppy to the extent of being nauseating (frame rates in the low teens on good hardware regardless of settings), extremely buggy and devoid of any content whatsovever. For example, you can’t even turn your character and mouse look at the same time.

I am pretty sure that this is not just some “diversion” or small slice of the the real game. This is the sum total of the work the development team has done in the last five or so years. This IS Dark and Light. Pretty creative marketing though. No way this will be ready for April.

What I find kind of sad is that hordes of SWG players left to play this.

I can honestly say, that without a doubt this is the most pathetic piece of MMORPG software ever conceived and released, albeit for free, to the MMORPG public.

Well, at least Ganareth isn’t an actual word meaning “petty differences” or anything.

So… is this Dark and Light or not?

This is probably the least successful viral marketing thread Qt3 has ever had.

If you guys had seen the sheer amount of VSOG vaporware over the years you wouldn’t be complaining so much about this game. At least there’s an actual game here.

The biggest problem I see at this point is the lack of a help system, especially for the basic game mechanics. There is a /gatetobirthplace function, for example, which returns you to your starter village. I found this out by asking in the Barony (general) chat.

I also have yet to find a monster under Level 3, and I can’t kill Level 3 mobs so most of my gameplay thus far has been running around and exploring.

The game is playable (when the server is up) and fairly stable.

There is a lack of content… very few NPCs. I’d say we’re looking at least a year down the road before it becomes fleshed out.

I don’t think it will survive a year.

And “fleshed out” = mediocre.

I got a key for SoG. They have a very cult following (it was first come, first serve and the 10,000 keys available were gone in a minute and twenty seconds) but it still is pretty shaky. I’ve crashed a couple times and haven’t really grasped how to do things. If a game ever needed some sort of tutorial, it’s this one.

I don’t think they are capable of pulling it off. This will be like Mourning, only they were smart enough to charge 8881x players $60 in advance, with a 5 month gap on having to deliver the “final” product, and while they convince the current fanboys this SoG isn’t the DnL beta.

I think they made this character’s bulge a bit too… defined.