Seven Psychopaths - McDonagh and Farrell Team Again

And they’re bringing Walken, Rockwell, Harrelson, and Tom Waits along for the ride.

I have to see this for the cast alone. Looks fun!

Wow. Yeah, day one. (Well, not really because I suspect this won’t open within 150 miles of me but hopefully my local art-house theatre will get to it eventually.)

I believe this is getting a wide release.

Anyways, this looks real good, though I suspect the film itself may be a tad different than the trailer suggests.

I refuse to read anything more about this other than to clarify one point: Martin or Michael McDonagh?


I will accept & expect nothing lesser than In Bruges. And now to hide from this topic for several months.

Saw a test screening of this last month and was very sadly disappointed.

While In Bruges also had a similarly zany trailer (because no one can figure out how to market McDonagh’s movies), it also had a really strong sense of story and character, propelled by some great narrative momentum. Sadly, this one has some of the interesting character bits (I mean, Rockwell is great, Walken does the Walken thing, etc.) but the story is just a little too loosey-goosey and doesn’t quite cohere in a satisfying way.

Granted, what I saw was technically a rough cut so maybe its been tightened up a bit, but yeah, it was disappointing.

Would you say it’s more like Con Air or more like Smokin’ Aces?

Heh, haven’t seen either of those in their entirety. I’m fairly confident that it is not as guns blazing as Con Air though.

Anything like Smokin’ Aces would be an instant watch for me.

Walken. Will see.

This was the best movie I’ve seen this year. Adaptation meets Pulp Fiction. Smart writing, funny, violent, great characters, and totally fucking insane.

Pretty much. So much fun. So many good actors doing such wonderful things. I adore Sam Rockwell in particular.

I just got back. If I hadn’t seen Argo earlier today, I’d probalby be more impressed. I liked a lot of it, but the ending felt a little weak. I guess I’m also a little tired of movies about movies. The tourtured screenwriter! You know he’s overcome his writer’s block because you’re … watching the movie! :)

Martin McDonaugh?!

I am in.

Saw this today, and while the cast was great (we need Tom Waits in more films) and there were a couple of good laughs, I ended up coming away feeling… underwhelmed, I guess. It wasn’t it wasn’t great, it wasn’t terrible, it was just forgettable.

I was initially disappointed. The first act didn’t have a lot of steam. It didn’t really pick up until they went out to the desert and then really hit this insane beautiful climax with Sam Rockwell’s talk by the fire. Everything after that point was great too, but it took a while to get there.

Loved it. It wasn’t perfect, but Rockwell, Walken, and Waits really sell it. I think it may put people off that a lot of the plot is driven by what some would call a fairly trivial impetus, but it’s just a really fun flick.

My expectations were lowered for this one based on the reactions in this thread but I have to say, I loved it. Not quite as good as In Bruges but I wasn’t expecting that.