Seven Reasons I Keep Trying to Play Shadow Empire

I don’t recall any weeping over mammary glands in this game.

I really enjoyed this review. People on the fence should give it a read.

I like your insight about how negative Fate cards allow you to shape your own disasters. As you say, it’s a much more interesting mechanic than the periodic bad events that you get with other games. I hadn’t thought about it that way.

There’s nothing wrong with the graphics in this game. In fact they are some of the most charming and evocative retro graphics I’ve ever seen in a game. The whole game oozes charm and atmosphere, and all of that in spite of how harsh it is.

Welcome @fireshark!

I agree, with the exception of the paintings of people, which are decidedly amateurish. All other graphics for me are fine. Not memorable, but fine.

Only graphics that bother me involve the map, and the way you cannot look at it and see the various political divisions easily. Made a little worse when you click on foreign land and get a screen naming the generalized group, but some other spots refer to them by the city name. I see the practical problems, but it is not very helpful.