Seven: The Days Long Gone (isometric sci-fi action rpg)

This just popped up on GoG. I haven’t seen the game discussed anywhere and this is pretty much the first time I’m hearing about it so I’d love to know if someone’s been following it and tell us what can be expected from the game (length, depth, etc). The art style looks pretty appealing and you seem to play as a thief so stealth is likely a prominent feature (even more reason to be excited!).

RPS were talking about it last week I think.

That sounds pretty intriguing. I might have to postpone my Thief playthrough to try out Seven.

Color me interested.

That trailer makes it look like an isometric action game, like the Lara Croft games (as opposed to Tomb Raider games, which are not isometric). I’m very intrigued.

Hmm, IGN hated it:

So it’s kinda like Commandos, except you have only one dude? Oh, but you don’t move with mouseclicks like an RTS it seems, which is a plus.

It received pretty positive reviews elsewhere, but I haven’t bought it yet (holding out for some QT3 impressions!).

Turns out it wasn’t that hard! :)

I’ve played the game for a bit and really enjoyed it so far. It really feels similar to Thief, but with more of a science-fiction bent (airships, cameras, etc.; talk about travelling to the stars, etc.). I like the humour, too, even if it’s nothing extraordinary or particularly original.

Didn’t run into any of the problems that the IGN review mentions. For example, the guards sprinting in the opening mission (really, a tutorial mission): they don’t move unpredictably, but if you have a limited attention span I guess you wouldn’t notice that they actually have a fixed patrol route. Also: the game allows you to zoom in/out and to rotate the camera (right stick on the controller), so not sure how you would have trouble figuring out the lay of the land, etc.

Hmm I do think I shall wishlist it. Looks good.

Which control scheme are you using? The screenshots indicate that it also has a gamepad support, and I read somewhere that it doesn’t use the point & click system for kbm, but rather direct controls.

I’m playing with a controller. It didn’t occur to me to try it without. However, I tried with keyboard and mouse and it’s pretty standard third-person controls: W, A, S, D to move around, mouse to control the camera, space to jump, etc. Seems perfectly serviceable, but there’s no “click to move” with just the mouse, no.

Direct control, that’s a plus. In fact I’m liking just about all I’m hearing but I think I’ll hold out to see if there’s a console release. Or maybe it’ll be part of a Humble Bundle down the road. But by all means, more impressions please!

I’m having trouble envisioning this. Most third person games/platformers lock the camera direction to the character, don’t they? OTOH, I am playing ELEX which doesn’t. Maybe it’s just the zoomed-out view that reminds me of platformers.

Played it a bit and had no trouble with controls. There is a minor issue with the backstabs as it uses the same key as quick attack. So if you do not hold it long enough you may inadvertently hit someone instead of backstabbing them. Otherwise it is great fun and I can’t wait to continue it.

Yeah, it’s isometric. I mean that the camera is tethered to the main character, and that you (can) move him independently from the camera, similar to third-person games with chase cameras rather than overhead cameras.

Oh wow this makes me want to get a PC only so I can play this game =(

Dev’s seem to have been patching this up till the middle of December. Did anyone stick with it? Forums seem to mention its still a bit buggy.

Ugh, I was interested until hearing this. I hate WASD movement because I am totally incompetent at it. I’m surprised and not happy that they didn’t go with the standard “click to move” that almost every other isometric RPG uses. I know a lot of shooters use WASD, but right now I can’t think of another isometric RPG that does (but maybe I’ve been lucky in my choices?)…