Seven: The Days Long Gone (isometric sci-fi action rpg)


Ugh, I was interested until hearing this. I hate WASD movement because I am totally incompetent at it. I’m surprised and not happy that they didn’t go with the standard “click to move” that almost every other isometric RPG uses. I know a lot of shooters use WASD, but right now I can’t think of another isometric RPG that does (but maybe I’ve been lucky in my choices?)…


Steam just notified me of a price drop, I show it at 20.99. It’s been on whishlist since someone mentioned this earlier.

Anyone finished it?


Hmmm…the devs seem to be pretty active on the Steam boards. Since it is on sale, I might just take a chance with this one.


I see its on sale again… Did you give it a go and have some feedback?


In this game you are supposed to jump, mantle, evade, etc much more actively, it isn’t a normal isometric game. It isn’t a RPG, it’s an action RPG.


Where is it on sale?


At Humble:

40% off (18€ / ??$)


After Tom’s stream, and the mention of many many many bugs on the Steam forums, I am thinking 75% off would be a better entry point.


It’s not at its historic low of $12.99, FYI.


Thanks… I checked “Isthereanydeal” and it lists 16.99€ as historic low for me. I’ve had the sneaky suspicion for a while now that the site hasn’t been giving me all the pricepoints anymore.


I did by this at the time and but I got distracted and it got buried in my backlog of shame. I am actually in the mood for something like this now so I will dust if off and give some impressions.


@Tohree did you ever get around to this game?

I see the developers are still patching the heck out of it.


Thanks for reminding me about this. I did play around this for a couple of hours a few weeks ago but got distracted again by something shiny.

I played through the introduction and got to a point where the game opens up. In terms of quality, the game really seems to punch above its weight class. The voice acting seems top notch and I like the art direction. The control system is also easy enough to navigate using my trusty 360 controller. The prison colony setting reminded me of the fun I had exploring the world in Gothic 1.

The camera view seems restrictive for a sneak thief game that relies on situational awareness. And I wasn’t quite ready to absorb so much background lore. This is the second time I got pulled away from the game but that probably says more about me and my short attention span.

Going to try more of the main game area tonight.


Just wanted to mention that his game is 45% off during the Steam sale. This game deserves a far better spokesperson than me as I didn’t really get that far into it. But for those who are in the mood for an isometric stealth game, now might be a good time to take a chance.

Once past the intro section, things can be overwhelming. But this has less to do with a clunky interface than with the range of options available. Your choices really do seem to impact how things play out. One of the first things I did was approach a quest marker on the map. It happened to lead to a couple of shady types who were planning something. I couldn’t catch what they were saying because they stopped talking as soon as they saw me blunder in and they moved off. I tried following them but was a little too obvious about and got stopped by a couple of guards. That was pretty cool.


I just got this on the sale, and wow is it bonkers. In a good way.


tell me more!


I’m still in the first level, but being able to hide in bushes and climb nearly any damned thing is neat.


So I downloaded the demo and just got past the tutorial into my “first mission”, needing to infiltrate the mansion. I like the art direction… they are pretty nice, comic-like just like Borderlands. As Brian mentioned, the ability to climb just about anything is nice. The guards patrolled the place and it’s pretty intense trying to creep past them. However, I don’t really like how the camera, which floats on top of the character, moves about. I’m not sure how to describe it but it’s like a camera hanging on a string above you and it sorts of floats as you move about, giving feeling of certain jerkiness (although it’s a smooth jerkiness) and it feels like you have no precise control over your viewing angle… I am using a mouse+keyboard, maybe it is meant to be played using a controller, idk… but other than that, this game is pretty neat at this moment.


Oh yeah I’m using a controller. It’s pretty fluid.


Is there any benefit to going pacifist in this game? Just started playing, really digging the general vibe and controls. I did move attack to X and secondary attack to Y instead of RB/LB though.