Seven things Activision should do to make Modern Warfare 3 better

Title Seven things Activision should do to make Modern Warfare 3 better
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Features
When November 15, 2011

I'm a casual Modern Warfare 3 player, so this isn't going to be a list of stuff about how the 7.62mm round from a Dragunov spins clockwise so it should pull more to the right over greater distances. In military parlance, that's called a slice..

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Ok, I'll bite (don't know if it was an intentional error or not). The Dragunov DOES fire a 7.62 mm bullet. Not the 7.62x39 mm (39 being the length of the case) of the Ak-47, but a longer 7.62x54 mm. (This is similar to, but different from, the 7.62x51 Nato used by western forces for sniper rifles and machine guns.)

Sweet, I trolled a gun nerd! Now tell me whether the bullet spins clockwise or counterclockwise, because I totally invented that bit! :)

I'm actually not enough of a gun nerd to know that by heart, but Wikipedia says that the rifling in the Dragonov has right hand grooves, and I think this means the bullet spins clockwise. :-)

Okay, then here's your chance to really prove yourself as a gun nerd, Johan! Well, maybe a physics nerd.

A spinning bullet doesn't actually have any torque does it? Without being anchored to something that can react against the force of the spin, as is the case with a propeller, torque isn't a factor, right? Bullets don't actually pull left or right, do they? Now you've got me curious.

I don't know about the torque, but bullets do drift because of the spin. This spin drift is to the right if the bullet spins clockwise. At normal ranges the effect is so small as to be negligible, but if you're a sniper firing at very long range, you need to compensate for this.

(I couldn't reply to the latest comment Tom, which is why this is a new one.)

Coriolis affect might come into play if it's a really long distance traveled.

er, *effect*

The Coriolanus Effect is the principle of physics in which a noted actor will direct himself in a movie of a Shakespeare play that no one will see, but that everyone will pretend is really good. It is previously known as the Branaugh Effect.

If Bobby Kotick or Eric Hirschberg is reading this, please put bots back in. Thanks bro magnons

Tom you already know the answer to your own question, because you talked about "slice" :) Of course a golf ball is intentionally designed to maximise the way it interacts with the air, and a bullet is not. But the spinning of the bullet is still going to affect its flightpath to a degree.

A bullet fired in space however? That'd go straight.

Jaws_au ftw. Former Marine marksmanship coach here. Not a torque issue at play, friction between the bullet and air.

i would be happy if it would just work for f*cksake. since launch i get 'server is unavailable at this time' error and i am getting seriously pissed off with their useless cusotmer support. If this is a bug then either they where too lazy to fix it first or just knew about it and too greedy and released the game before skyrim anyway. Either way incompetence or arrogance I f*cking hate Activision now.

^no air needed