Severance (AppleTV+) - Adam Scott in a weird Ben Stiller joint

I posted this in the TV show forum thinking it’s episodic, but this appears to be a movie.

No idea what to make of it.

Damn, gotta watch that.

I am intrigued. Getting Devs vibes.

If so, it’s a nine-episode movie!


Dammit! Can you move this into the TV forum then?

This starts tomorrow!

Watched the first episode so far - really intrigued to see where this is going.

Curious how it compares in tone to Devs - got the same vibes from the preview

I really like this.
Muted but distinct visuals and style. A deliberate calmness of presentation combined with an engaging pace of story progression in the first two episodes.

My only complaint would be that it doesn’t come out in binge format!

Should I re-up to Apple TV+? Is there much decent from the last six months or so?

That IMDB link Tom left actually indicates it’s a 2 season, 19 episode series.

I’m also intrigued, this has a fantastic cast, but… 19 episodes seems too long. The mood and mystery seem more effective with a tight plot and powerful episodes. The length of the series has me concerned it might meander.

I’m definitely getting Devs vibes from the first episode, and by that I mean it’s pretty ponderous and unnecessarily opaque, at least so far.

Love that both this and Loki are riffing on the timeless mid-century to 70s office culture vibe. Both kind of are playing with the concept of someone in a permanent office job - completely cut off from their personal life except some opaque clues and foibles that emerge on occasion…

One review of the the show made me chuckle because because the writer seemed convinced that Severance was styled after 90’s office culture. The author must be very young.

I’m enjoying the show so far. It’s slow & thoughtful, but the actors are very good & I appreciate that it is being given room to breathe. We’ll have to see how it does with more time & episodes.


I got some Better Off Ted vibes too

So, the weird retro tech in the office seems a deliberate choice by Lumon for reasons as it seems like outside Lumon it’s basically normal tech with smartphones etc. But that does leave me a bit confused about the procedure, as you’d think that’s something the new hire might comment on, it’s clear they have some generic memory with being able to name a state but no memory of what is everyday tech.

Yeah there are some gaps in the rules here. For example, the “you” on the inside gets an orientation to explain what happened (though it made little sense that the DVD of “you” explaining the procedure you’ve agreed to is the LAST thing you see. Why wouldn’t you show that first?). Does the “you” on the outside? Helly didn’t seem to get that - she kept leaving and then immediately coming back. So does the outside-Helly know what’s going on? Did she get her mind wiped too?

There are two episodes out now, some of your questions may be answered.

I thought the first episode was intriguing-ish. It was a bit long and slow but gradually got more interesting as it went. I’m up for more!

This show also reminded me of and made me want to play Portal again with Cave Johnson and Aperture Science