Severance (AppleTV+) - Adam Scott in a weird Ben Stiller joint

Not me. Even if they go somewhere I don’t like, the first season is still aces. It’s like Veronica Mars and Battlestar Galactica. Though the latter is a bad example I guess. That’s one case where the last episode really did kill my enthusiasm for the whole thing.

Add Lessons in Chemistry, Foundation and the unsurpassed Ted Lasso to that list for me. I would categorize that more as a drama than comedy. Don’t miss it!

Add me to that list as well. And notable for the fact I did not want to like it and thought the praise for it was overdone. And yet, it touched even me, deep down.

Thirded. The characters in the show are so well written/acted and so endearing that you can’t help but become invested in them. It’s the strings that bind us I suppose. ;-) Three seasons was way too little Lasso.

Did anyone watch Drops of God on Apple+? Curious about it just because the subject is unusual.

Ted Lasso is definitely not to be missed*. I enjoyed the heck out of Shrinking with Jessica Williams, Jason Segel and Harrison Ford.

That one series Hijack with Idris Elba was a good ride if you didn’t think about it too much. ;-)

*mostly because Ted Lasso is impossible not to like, but also because who knew Jason Sudeikis had that dramatic range?? Also it was my first exposure to the formidable Hannah Waddingham, and her amazing singing voice!

Another show not to be missed is The Afterparty, which is very much like Knives Out/Glass Onion in style. Each episode has the protagonists interviewing a different person about a murder - very funny and a great cast.

Don’t forget Shantaram, For All Mankind, Pachinko, and Dickinson. All really good.

Yes, The Afterparty is awesome

And For All Mankind. So good.

Not sure if you have seen this extra bit of Severance fiction @SlainteMhath:

Binged this over the last three days. Adored every second. Some of you have been waiting 2+ years for the next season?? By Kier, I can’t imagine.

Yeah, the finale was one of the most amazing cliffhanger endings to a season I’ve ever seen.

Can’t believe it was two years ago.

I remain skeptical that this show should meander through several more seasons. As I wrote up there years ago, I’d love if they keep it tight, relentless, and close it out. They don’t have to answer every mystery as long as they know where they’re going.

That said, Ben Stiller and I have been filling our time fanboying over the Knicks while Severance in is in the oven.

The Severance cast do The George Lucas Talk Show:

Back Jan 17, 2025:

OMG finally!!! Can’t wait. Let’s hope it wraps up the story and doesn’t leave us on limbo for two more years+