Severance (AppleTV+) - Adam Scott in a weird Ben Stiller joint

Just watched the third episode. This show is amazing!

I’m really liking it. I get the concern about it being too slow, but that pacing feels necessary to the theme – the parody of corporate life is uncomfortably getting under my skin.

So we know he can get the job… but can he do the job?

What a great clip…just love their interactions. Walken is a treasure.

My 16-year-old daughter and I have been watching this and Suspicion every Friday. This is far, far better. Suspicion episodes seem like they last 2 hours and just drag. It’s not very good. We both look up at feel like Severance was only on 30 minutes.

I think the pacing is pitch perfect for what it is doing. And everyone it is so weirdly great.

This show keeps giving me new unanswered questions with every episode

This show continues to be awesome. Book is a quick read and has some juicy info.

Six episodes in and I still have no idea what this show is. And I’m not sure if that’s really cool or really annoying.

There’s brain imagery everywhere

The song (hymn?) was both the greatest and strangest part of the episode.

There are a lot of bad sets. I’m not throwing the job the actors put in based on just one rant. With anything, it’s probably a lot more complicated than we assume based on one guys tweets.
I appreciate the link though, now I know there’s a subreddit for the show!

We picked this as our first binge on AppleTv+ (which is tiring to type out every fucking time by the way, could they not just call it A+?) Fantastic show so far but we’re only three episodes in. The color tones and sets are a treat. Each tiny thing gets attention in some way.

I’m also getting a Lost vibe in that I wonder if we’re spinning around a plot they will never quite reveal. I hope not, I’m enjoying this ride so far but don’t want to see this start meandering.

By the way was anyone else thrown with the intro? For some reason we didn’t see it first episode, maybe it wasn’t even there. Then next episode it played and we were like, “well that seems quite fitting for a show this crazy.”

Yeah this was an instance where when I saw it got renewed for season 2 I didn’t necessarily see it as good news. Still need to see how this season ends though.

God damnit

I wouldn’t worry about the mystery box being unsolved for too long. Even if they don’t fully explain everything this season, which I know they won’t, there’s enough out there for a lot of good theories.

Leaked future episode spoiler, don’t click unless you love spoilers:

It’s been leaked that Ms Casey = Gemma

wish I didn’t click that spoiler but sometimes the hot stove is too inviting

Nonsense! Now we can discuss it!

Yeah, it wasn’t there for the pilot. This is pretty common but I’m not sure why… maybe they just don’t invest in an opening credit sequence until a show gets picked up. But not including it in the pilot always seems odd to me.

This show has a fun one! Seems like it would appeal to us gamers.