Sexy Beast


When you realize that the hole you’ve dug for yourself isn’t deep enough-- keep digging.


This is more like it. I am much more motivated to see the film again after reading your analysis, Tom. I was sort of turned off from the movie from the get-go because I found the bolder symbol to be A) improbable and contrived, and B) thuddingly obvious. But if that symbol is as you argue, more subtle than I think it is, then I should perhaps give SB a second, more sympathetic viewing.

And Dave’s point about Logan pissing on the floor is well taken. I always read Logan as little more than a psychotic loon who had contempt for Gal’s retreat into the chubby, sun-burned middle-class life of the Spanish countryside. But I see how there could be more to it.

I won’t even wait for Netflix. We have nice collection of games and DVDs for resource here at work, so I’ll check it out and see it again this week.

Perhaps I’ll enjoy Sexy Beast more the second time around. 'Course, if I do, I’ll certainly not post about it as whatever enjoyment I could derive from the film would be easily eclipsed by the agony of admitting you were right. :wink:


It’s a movie. Movies are allowed to have two-dimensional characters.

For example, I despise critics who complain about Al Pacino. It is always worth my money to watch Al Pacino yell at people. Sometimes it’s Pacino yelling at cops, sometimes it’s Pacino yelling at drug dealers, sometimes it’s Pacino yelling at salesmen, sometimes it’s Pacino yelling at lawyers. If loving that schtick is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

As Tony Montana once said to his critics: “Fuck Caspar Gomez! And fuck the fucking Diaz brothers! Fuck 'em all! What did they ever do for us?”


I have seen Sexy Beast maybe 5 times and I want to know if anyone has info on the opening monologue by Gal. I swear that the theatrical version I saw in the US had Gal musing about a number of That exotic dancers. Then I saw it on cable tv in Asia a good two years later and there was almost no monologue and his putting the ice on his crotch was edited out. Next time I saw it was maybe another 2 years later on cable in the States and Gals voice over was all about his wife. Ice not cut from the scene. Subsequent viewings only have his rhapsodic musings about his wife. I don’t think I imagined the That girl monologue and yet I don’t see any trivia or interview or data about the wording being different in various releases. Does anyone have any info for me about this?


I’d say it’s been about…oh! 16 years since I last saw it so I don’t really remember the nitty gritty, let alone different versions.


These any help?


Thank you; I did not download the first link, but I checked out the second, (not a file doenload ) which contains neither his wife’s name nor the reference to Thai women. So this is fascinating; possibly actor was allowed room to improvise and director used different bits? I actually sent a letter to his production company about this. God knows if I’ll get a response. I may sign up for Scribs after all and compare. Thank you very much.


This reminds me of an ongoing discussion I’ve had about Glazer’s next movie, Birth. Me and a friend of mine who writes occasional film coverage for the LA Times had a fundamental disagreement about something that I thought was very clear. He refused to budge and went so far as emailing some producer he’d met during a press junket. The producer told him I was wrong!

Naturally, I reject any interpretation that comes from some Hollywood moneybags Philistine.

But let us know if you get any response from the production company.