Shades of Catherine the Great


Catherine the Great, the word Ouch, and a link? Somehow this is setting off my NSFW radar.

No photos, only text.

And… ouch.

Yeow, I’ve heard Camels will kill you.

Huh. She get one hump, or two?

That’s got to be rough on the husband and daughter, since they gave her the camel.

Or, conspiracy!

The camel is actually a highly trained assassin?

The cartoon for Camel cigarettes looks like a large talking penis, so I guess anything is possible.

EDIT: Makes you wonder if somewhere out there someone has dressed his penis up to look like the Camel cigarettes ad. Might make a nice conversation starter.

An assassin of love.

“As the Prophet said, ‘Trust in Allah, then tie up your camel’. Or was it, ‘Tie up your camel, then tie up Allah’? Wait, that can’t be right… I know! It’s ‘Trust Allah AND your camel’! Oh, nuts.”

Catherine the Great never had sex with animals, unless you count Potemkin and a bunch of unwashed Russian army officers… I mean, really, she’s creative and financial, not bestial.

Where is your empathy? Clearly this woman was sexually assaulted and foully murdered.

Just say “no” to camel rape.


Camel toe?

Not just the toe. The whole thing.