Shadow Boxing in UT 2004

Although i don’t mind overcoming difficulty the tit-for-tat skill level increases in the single player game makes advancement for noobish players like me nearly impossible.

Starting an “Adept” level game, i proceeded without difficulty past the first two practise levels only to find the game becoming considerably more difficult. After spending all my money drafting my own team only to have them bankrupt me trying to defeat them sent me scurrying back to the easier levels - which had now become nearly as difficult as the latter. So poor that an ‘anonymous’ donor fronted me enough money to continue playing.

I do like the idea of credits which help make losses somewhat meaningful, although it does adds an element of grind to the game. But the challenge increasing from moderate to tEh H4RD OMFG within such short span of time is discouraging to my own casual approach to FPS.

Although its novel to make the single player cater to hardcore tastes.


I think the curve is rather easy in the singleplayer.
Played it on skilled, and only had real problems in AS_Mothership (4 tries damn it…)

Could it be you’re not used to FPS that force you to keep moving all the time (As opposed to CS and other more tactical shooters).


UT2004 is pretty hard in single player, I think this is the third thread about the difficulty in the game. I played it on “average” and didn’t have many problems with losing matches, but the matches were often very long. The mothership took a few tries and I lost one of the double domination maps as well, but the real difficulty was the last boss. Even though I managed to win against a masterful bot on the same map with 15 - -1 I didn’t have any chance against him after getting the first four frags. It’s possible he gets easier after a while though, I gave up after a while. I eventually won with 5 - 3 after running around on the outside of the ship until the time limit was reached.

No i pretty much keep running around constantly grabbing powerups and weapons. The problem is when the AI becomes super accurate and pegs me over and over mid-air with rockets/shock rifles.

It was a very noticable increase in difficulty. The first couple test levels felt like the Adept bots normally do in skirmish games, but then all of a sudden they were faster, dodging, jumping, and dead-eye accurate.

Maybe there is some threshold that i crossed. Ex., certain levels add +1 or +2 skill levels to the bots above your selected difficulty. Going from “Average” to “Skilled” might still seem easy, but from “Adept” to “Masterful” might be almost impossible in those early and crowded maps.

I noticed it as well. I was having a huge amount of fun with the single player, more so than I would have imagined, and then when I hit the second assault map, it suddenly went from challenging to impossibly difficult. The targetting of the AI went up so many levels, I was being one-shotted repeatedly, which just isn’t fun at all. The ability of the AI to dodge my shots also became uncanny. More than once I would fire at a stationary AI that wasn’t even looking in my direction, and they would jump just at the right moment to avoid my perfectly placed rocket. I gave up at that point and only played multiplayer from then on.

I beat him on the first time, I simply only confronted him when I had 199 health and 150 armor. It makes it possible to kill him, if I saw I was losing I retreated, the map is huge and he can’t catch you if you don’t want to. It ended when when the time was over with a score of 6-5, In the last minute I simply avoided him cause I was leading.


If you’re having trouble with Malcolm and don’t mind being cheap but not explicitly cheating, you can go 2 up on him early, then die and not respawn. In fact, he’ll probably die a couple more times from jumping off the ship :)

Oh, also, there is a circuit route from the super shield, around in a circle to the middle of the ship and back which times almost exactly the respawn of the various goodies.